#TipTuesday – Staying on Track!


Staying on Track!


Many people get overwhelmed when they are marketing their business. Good grief! I know I do!!! One thing I’ve learned to do is “calendaring” or “bullet journaling”. I know several people who do this successfully. To be honest, if I didn’t do this, I wouldn’t get everything done. It’s impossible to keep up with everything.

I absolutely love my calendar and open it up every time I begin to write a blog post, schedule a tweet or Facebook post, or even update a website. Everything is on my calendar.

I use an excel spreadsheet *you’re surprised, right* to layout my monthly calendars. I break them down into different days and have a “TO DO” column. The TO DO list is great for the things I do daily or regularly. Then I list things on the individual days. Like I blog regularly, but then I will post on which days for that week. Once I have completed that task, I’ll highlight that cell in green. LOTS of green boxes makes me happy.   🙂

I wanted to give you all some help and have a FREE DOWNLOAD of my calendar setup.

Now you can go in and plug in the correct month and days. Then start penciling in the things you want to accomplish every day.

I also have a “TIME” column below my calendar for the times I want to schedule certain posts. Like at 8:00 am I have KidLit TV posts. At 5:30 pm I’ll have another KidLit TV post. I have certain posts for my own marketing that go out at 9:00 am, 1 pm, and 6:30 pm. Then I have posts for South Georgia Writers Guild and others that I market for. If I didn’t have my time column and my daily reminder, I would easily get things mixed up or miss them entirely.

I hope this helps some of you keep track of your marketing. Let me know if you try this! Or do you have a different way of keeping things on track? I love to see how others do things too.

Until next time…
Happy writing!

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