Off The Hook by: #LeftHookCrochet


Off The Hook with #LeftHookCrochet

A lot of you know I like to be creative. One thing I’ve always been amazed at is crochet and knitting. My mama could crochet anything she wanted to. She tried to teach me when I was young, but wanted me to crochet right handed. But… I’m a lefty. Needless to say, I could never learn.

THEN a little over a year ago, I asked my sister to teach me. She sat across from me and I did what she did… Backwards. 😂 And it worked! My Friday posts will be about my journey crocheting, tutorials, and patterns.

I hope to help others learn and give other Lefties a place to find some inspiration!

Leave me a comment:

Do you crochet?

What hand do you use?

Until next time…
Happy Hooking!


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Writing – Just Do It! by: #TMCProductions


Writing – Just Do It!

I think every published author has heard the question:

How do you write a book?

I think my favorite quote is:

Image result for open a vein and bleed writing quotes

Honestly, sometimes it feels like this. It can exhaust you. You pour your heart and soul into each letter, each word, each sentence, each paragraph, each story. When you hold a book, you are literally holding onto someone’s dream.

Writing is an amazing thing.

So… How does one write?

Quite simply, BIC.


Sit down and write. It doesn’t have to be perfect. First drafts are called sloppy copies in school for a reason! *laughing* The main thing is to get your idea down onto paper or the computer screen. Breathe life into the sparks of your thoughts. Watch as the oxygen gives energy and becomes more vivid. Before you know it, you will have your story, or at least the gist of it, down.

Take a break.

Take a deep breath.

Take a good look at your manuscript.

Be proud. You have accomplished something magical. Something extraordinary.

Then roll up your sleeves and get ready to do the HARD work. Yes, I wrote “HARD”. “But that WAS hard,” you say? I know. I struggle even after writing professionally for over 18 years! BUT getting that first draft ready for publication… that’s where you add pressure to every word, every scene. You squeeze. You shift your visions. You hold onto the parts that matter and move the story forward. You learn to toss the parts that stall your story.

Continue moving forward. Constantly! Before you know it, you will have a story that sparkles like a diamond.

Keep checking in on Wednesdays, as I will be sharing writing tips and tricks I have learned over the years. Somethings I had to learn the hard way and some things I was lucky enough to have someone else pass onto me.


Leave me a comment:


Where are you in your writing career?
Do you have a hard time with ideas?
What is your downfall?

Until next time…
Happy Writing!


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Marketing 101 by: #TMCProductions



Class is in session!

I am in the process of creating an intensive course for how to market. In the process, I will be sharing tidbits to help those of you along your journey to be able to market yourself and your products (business) better.

Do you need to market?

Well, do you own your own business? If you answer yes, then you do! Even if you have big businesses backing you or your products, the marketing that is done in your favor has gone down in recent years.

What do you need to do?

How to get started?

Have you looked around the internet lately? I know I see ads all over the place. So how to compete with what’s already out there? Keep coming back to read my Marketing Monday posts. I will start with the basics and gradually help guide you through cross-posting, branding, and more.

And yes, I know I started talking about this earlier, but things change… constantly. I will be offering the most up to date information I have

Leave me a comment:

Are you interested in what I have to say?
Do you have something you would like to see me touch on?
What is your favorite social media outlet?

Until next time…
Have fun reading!


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