Off The Hook by: #LeftHookCrochet


Off The Hook with #LeftHookCrochet

A lot of you know I like to be creative. One thing I’ve always been amazed at is crochet and knitting. My mama could crochet anything she wanted to. She tried to teach me when I was young, but wanted me to crochet right handed. But… I’m a lefty. Needless to say, I could never learn.

THEN a little over a year ago, I asked my sister to teach me. She sat across from me and I did what she did… Backwards. 😂 And it worked! My Friday posts will be about my journey crocheting, tutorials, and patterns.

I hope to help others learn and give other Lefties a place to find some inspiration!

Leave me a comment:

Do you crochet?

What hand do you use?

Until next time…
Happy Hooking!


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2 thoughts on “Off The Hook by: #LeftHookCrochet

  1. My grandmother taught me how to crochet and knit when I was young. I am a righty (so was she, so it worked out great). It’s been a little while since I’ve had any needle-working project that didn’t involve a sewing machine, so I’m probably pretty rusty, but usually once I get back into the groove, I can pick the needles right back up where I left off:). I actually have a PB mss in the works that has a MC who crochets!

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