Crochet Lefty – Beginner 101: How to Chain

Chain. Chain. Chain.

Chain of foooooooools.

Oh yeah. I’m singing. I’m rocking. I’m ready to get this ball of yarn rolling. *laughter* I hope you are as excited as I am on learning how to crochet.

BUT (you know I’ve got to insert my big ol’ butt here), but you need to get the basics down first.

You have your supplies… CHECK

You know how to tie a slip knot… CHECK

Now you’ll need to know how to create a foundation chain. ALL projects have a foundation chain. You can either create the chain first. As we will learn how to do in my video. OR you can create the chain along with your first row. Which is more advanced and I have finally learned how to do the single crochet foundation chain stitch. Woot! Woot! *throws hands in the air and waves them around like I don’t care*

So grab your hook and yarn. Let’s get a chaining…

Thanks for visiting everyone. Remember to continue to chain during the week. A few times a day for only a few minutes will get you results. The more you go through the routine, the more you will become more comfortable.

Next week we will begin to do single crochet (sc) stitches!

Until next time…

Happy hooking!