Happy 10th Bookday, Squeaks & Shaping Up The Year!

Happy 10th Bookday, Squeaks & Shaping Up The Year!

Everyone grab a cupcake!

Thank you for coming. I really can’t take it all in still. Ten years… ten years ago my first book spread its wings and went out into the wild. *sniff, sniff. I’m such a proud book mommy.* And look at it today… ten years old. still making its way. Still showing people how to shape up every day into a beautiful thing.

I have been thinking on how I wanted to celebrate today. It’s a major milestone for me. And I thought what better way than to play it forward. I’m throwing a giveaway with 10 – yep TEN (one for each year) – prize packs. Each prize pack will include:

  • Shaping Up The Year book
  • Book bag
  • Cover art sticker
  • TMC Productions sticker
  • Squeaks sticker
  • Crochet Squeaks toy

But I have a goodie for everyone visiting too. Make sure you download Squeak’s Happy Birthday coloring page.

I would love to see how you color it too. Please feel to post your coloring pages to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Make sure to use #TMCcreates with your post so I’ll be able to find it. 😀

Make sure to enter into the drawing for your chance of one of the prize packs. *please know that because of shipping costs I have to limit winners to the United States.*

Click here —> Rafflecopter giveaway <—to enter!

I’m also posting a thread for the #10YearChallenge over on The Twitters on what I have learned over the past ten years being a published author. Make sure to check it out!

Hey, which cupcake did you grab? *nomnomnom*

Thank you for visiting Squeaks and I for this major celebration!

Happy reading!

Until next time,





It’s almost time! I hope everyone can make it tomorrow. I will have a special guest! There will be *virtual cupcakes*, a free Thank You For Coming coloring page, AND a giveaway with 10…

! ! ! YES, T-E-N ! ! !

prize packs!!!! Check back tomorrow and be ready to shape up for some fun!

Until next time…



Getting Ready…

Getting Ready…

There’s been a lot of behind the scenes planning here.

But I also wanted you to know why I have been absent lately.

Life Interrupted…

My husband had been sick for a while. Honestly, he has never truly recovered 100% from his open heart surgery in 2012.

Almost 3 months ago, we all came down with the flu. Tim got sick and progressively got worse. I took him to the er and found out he had to have surgery. There were complications. Two and a half days later, he took his last breath.

He was gone.

These past few months have been hard to say it best. Life will never be normal. I’m trying to piece things back together. To carry on with things we had planned on doing.

Like what is going to happen Monday. 🙂

He was so excited. Just know a lot of planning has gone into this celebration. So while I am excited about this coming week. Please understand why I may not seem to be that way all the time.

So, on a happier note…

The blogs are being written. The tweets are planned out. And I’m hoping you’ll like everything.

Here’s too a grand adventure. Keeping your chin up. And trying to see the good in everything.

Be kind.
Love hard!
Have a grateful heart.
And as my Tim would say… #smilesmilesmile (~);-}

Until next time,



Tuesday Tips: Book Swag by Aileen Stewart

My Top Four Favorite Pieces of Kidlit Swag


Book Swag by: Aileen Stewart

Reading through posts this past weekend, I found one that I thought was appropriate for marketing.


We all like to get it, but what works? I know I don’t want my give aways to be throw aways. I would like for the receiver to like it enough to hang on to it… and lead to more sales.

Aileen Stewart wrote a great article on what she has found useful for her…

“When my first book released, I must admit I went a bit swag crazy. If I could put my book cover on something, I did.  I had canvas bags, mugs, pens, notebooks, business cards, banners, yard signs, magnets, posters, book marks, buttons, mouse pads, post cards, and t-shirts. But after the initial overwhelming excitement wore off, I realized that swag can be expensive…”

Read the rest of Aileen’s article…



Let me know what you think of book swag!
Do you like it? Do you hate it? A little of both?
What have you received that you liked?
What have been some of your best give aways?


Summer SparksSUMMER SPARKS will be starting this month on June 21st! READ THIS POST and let me know if you will be taking the challenge. Let’s get those ideas sparking!

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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