Off The Hook :Beginning Crochet: What Do You Need To Get Started

Hi Everyone.

This week with OFF THE HOOK, I wanted to share with everyone what they need to start crocheting. Some people think you need a lot of things, but you don’t. It’s only four things! REALLY!

Watch this video to see what they are:

So, go grab your items. Next I plan on teaching you the different ways to tie the every aggravating slip knot!

Happy Hooking!

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Happy 10th Bookday, Squeaks & Shaping Up The Year!

Happy 10th Bookday, Squeaks & Shaping Up The Year!

Everyone grab a cupcake!

Thank you for coming. I really can’t take it all in still. Ten years… ten years ago my first book spread its wings and went out into the wild. *sniff, sniff. I’m such a proud book mommy.* And look at it today… ten years old. still making its way. Still showing people how to shape up every day into a beautiful thing.

I have been thinking on how I wanted to celebrate today. It’s a major milestone for me. And I thought what better way than to play it forward. I’m throwing a giveaway with 10 – yep TEN (one for each year) – prize packs. Each prize pack will include:

  • Shaping Up The Year book
  • Book bag
  • Cover art sticker
  • TMC Productions sticker
  • Squeaks sticker
  • Crochet Squeaks toy

But I have a goodie for everyone visiting too. Make sure you download Squeak’s Happy Birthday coloring page.

I would love to see how you color it too. Please feel to post your coloring pages to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Make sure to use #TMCcreates with your post so I’ll be able to find it. 😀

Make sure to enter into the drawing for your chance of one of the prize packs. *please know that because of shipping costs I have to limit winners to the United States.*

Click here —> Rafflecopter giveaway <—to enter!

I’m also posting a thread for the #10YearChallenge over on The Twitters on what I have learned over the past ten years being a published author. Make sure to check it out!

Hey, which cupcake did you grab? *nomnomnom*

Thank you for visiting Squeaks and I for this major celebration!

Happy reading!

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Watch This Spot!

Watch This Spot!

Yep. Right here! I’ve got amazing things about to take over this month. 😀

Make sure to tune in MONDAY!

*tiny tease*

Bring your party hats.

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Off the Hook!

Off the Hook!

I love it when creativity flows. Don’t you? There are TONS of mediums to use too.

  • Words
  • paint
  • digital
  • ribbon
  • yarn
  • music
  • pine needles
  • scraps of paper

I can go on and on. The thing about creativity is it is unlimited. Only hindered by the creator. I did that to myself. When I was a little girl, I wanted to learn to crochet. My mother tried, but I could not get the hang of it. I wanted to do it one way. She wanted me to do it another. I tried, got frustrated, and quit.

Fast forward to just a few short years ago. Two to be exact. And I talked my baby sister into teaching me. She allowed me to do the hand I felt comfortable with… my LEFT one. She sat across from me and I did what I have always done. *smile* I did it backwards. AND it clicked!

Now I am ready to pay it forward. There are not many videos on the internet to help lefties with crocheting. I hope to change that. I will start with the basics and begin to build up. I plan on posting FREE video instructions and giving links to download a written pattern for a small fee.

I hope you all will join me on my crocheting adventure. Here’s to many, many projects to come!

Until next time…

Happy Hooking!


Happy 2019!

Happy 2019!

It’s the new year! That means a new chapter, a blank canvas, a new project, and so many adventures await! I always look forward to this day. I’ve been planning on how to redirect my blog to be more beneficial to my targeted audiences.

What does that mean for you? Hopefully, it will help you become more aware of the products I offer, as well as give you some insight on how to become better at what you do and also become more interactive with what I do.

Here is a peek at what I will be offering this year:

  • MONDAY: MARKETING — I will be offering marketing tips and tricks that expand across any field. If you work for yourself, you need to be marketing.
  • TUESDAY: AVON — I am an independent AVON representative and will be showcasing different products, how-tos, reveals, and more. Let’s get to know AVON better!
  • WEDNESDAY: BEYOND THE BOOK — I will take a more in-depth look at my books and how you can expand learning and having fun with them.
  • THURSDAY: COLORING PAGES — Who doesn’t like to color? From inspiration from my own books and more, I will be offering free downloadable/printable coloring pages.
  • FRIDAY: LEFT HOOK CROCHET — Did you know I’m a fiber artist? I began my crochet journey in 2017 and now offer my products for sale. BUT I have a hook on what I do… I’m a lefty! My Left Hook Crochet posts will be dedicated to leftys with patterns, videos, and more.


So much to do for this year. I hope to be more interactive and can’t wait to see what you think of everything.

Until next time….

Happy writing/illustrating/crocheting!