Dear @TheEllenShow, We Need #KidLitOnEllenShow


(artwork by Katya Szewczuk)

Dear @TheEllenShow,
We need #KidLitonEllenShow

Long ago… Fine! FINE! It wasn’t long ago. *It HAS been six years though.*

 in a galaxy far, far away… All right! ALL RIGHT! It wasn’t in a galaxy far, far away. *It was in the good ol’ Milky Way. Right here on the third rock from the sun, in fact.*

KidLit was celebrated on national television. *<—It really was!!!!!!*

As writers, illustrators, and readers, we know the ALA awards are something to be proud of. Back then, the winners were treated like the celebrities they really are. People got up early and poured an extra cup o’ joe to see the authors and illustrators on the telly. Those who had given so much of themselves to help bridge the gap of those readers. To let them know they weren’t alone.

We matter.

Books matter.

ALA YMA (American Library Association Youth Media Awards) was held last Monday. AND GUESS WHAT?!? Barriers were broken! People are still talking about it!

  • More books dealing with DIVERSITY won and were honorable mentions.       BAM!
  • A woman illustrator won the Caldecott Medal with a non-fiction!       BAM!
  • A picture book won the Newbery Medal!       BAM!

Did you hear those walls tumble down? I sure did.  😀

Literary Hero Extraordinaire (John Schu)  started a movement last year. To get KidLit back on television and back into the minds of the general public. He had the brilliant idea to approach The Ellen Degeneres Show on Twitter using the hashtag #KidLitonEllenShow. With the awards announced last week, his campaign has gained new momentum. I, like a lot of others in the KidLit community, want to see the winners being back on television happen. Authors and illustrators need to know that we think their work matters. That it DOES make a difference.

So I did some research…

Did you know there is a form on The Ellen Show’s website where you can make a suggestion for a show??? There is!

I want to know something followers… Can I challenge you?

Huh? Can I?

Well, I am challenging all of you! I want each of you to send in a suggestion for KidLit to be on The Ellen Show. I’m even going to make it easy for you. Here is my letter to the show:

Dear Ellen,
Children’s literature (KidLit) is part of the foundation that helps define children and how they perceive themselves and the world around them. The American Library Association has an awards ceremony every year, the Youth Media Awards, which took place on 1/10/2016. Several years ago, the Today Show showcased the winners, but decided six years ago to stop promoting children’s literacy. The work you do as a humanitarian is wonderful. I feel you extending a hand to the KidLit community would be a great asset for you and your show. Mr. Schu (@MrSchuReads) is leading the #KidLitonEllenShow campaign on Twitter. You only need to look him or the campaign up to see it is gaining momentum.
Please consider inviting this year’s winners to your show. Barriers were broken: a picture book won the Newbery, a woman won the Caldecott with a non-fiction book, and diversity was recognized over and over again.
Thank you for your time. I hope this grabs your attention and gives you thought.
author/illustrator/reader <—SAY WHAT YOU ARE

All you have to do is copy and paste into the FORM HERE and sign your name with what you are. *Make changes to the last two lines!* Then look for my blog post on Twitter and RT it at 7 pm est tomorrow (Wednesday 1/20/16).

By doing this we should accomplish two things:

  1. Sending in the suggestion will show The Ellen Show how much KidLit means, that we are a force, and hopefully catch their eye.
  2. RTing at the same time we will hopefully get the #KidLitonEllenShow campaign trending. Again showing them we are a force and catch their eye.

Who’s with me? I’m encouraging EVERYONE to do this… writers, illustrators, teachers, media specialist, agents, editors, parents, grandparents, EVERYONE!!!

*Special THANK YOU to Katya Szewczuk for use of her artwork. Visit her website and follow her on Twitter.
*Special THANK YOU to John Schu for being a great kidlit advocate. Visit his blog and follow him on Twitter.


Let me know what you think about the #KidLitonEllenShow campaign?
What was your favorite award this year? *if you can decide!!!*
Are you going to send in a letter? RT?

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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