*Ding Dong* AVON Calling

*Ding Dong* AVON Calling

I sold AVON many moons ago, I decided to start selling again about six months ago.


I know AVON is an established company. I know they are constantly redeveloping the products they have and bringing in new products to keep what they sell updated and fresh.

I also know that you can make good money with AVON if you work it. BUT if you don’t want to work it like a job, you can earn a great discount on your own personal products by being a representative.


How did I get back into becoming a rep? I signed up online. I would have signed back under someone local, but didn’t know anyone who was into leadership. Good thing is, AVON rebranded themselves with leadership. You no longer have to be in the same vicinity to sign someone up. My mentor lives four states away from me!


What do I plan on doing with my AVON business?

I am going to enjoy my representative discounts. 🙂
I am trying to build my business primarily through online sales. You can buy from me even if you live on the opposite side of the states! Which I think is awesome.
I’m also going to build locally. I plan on keeping this small though. Something I can do in one day or less.

Lastly, I plan on talking about AVON and the products you can buy right here. Blog posts, videos, reviews, and more. I would really like to know what you would like to know about here. So, let me know!!!

Until next time…

Happy sales,



Marketing – What Is In A Name?

Marketing –
What Is In A Name?

Marketing is a necessity in today’s ear. Everyone seems to have something they want to talk about. So, how do you make stand out? You have to make you and your products YOUnique! No one else can offer what you offer how you offer it.

First thing first…

The first thing you need to consider what you will call yourself/your business. To begin with I went soley under my name, Tracey M. Cox, which is fine. Except there is another Tracey Cox… who happens to be an author… a NY Times Best Selling Author to boot. *sigh* If you have the fortunate circumstance as I did, let me assure you that you can become you in tangled mess of the world wide web. It will take a little longer, but you can do it.

Second thing…

Once you decide how you want to become known, do a google search. SERIOUSLY! If I had done this to begin with, I probably would not have gone with my name. I might have used my maiden name, or a pseudonym, or I might have gone ahead and go under what I go now – TMC Productions. With a google search, you will see who else is out there, what they are known for. *You might have some surprises!* Then you can decide if you want to pursue what you’ve settled on or rethink.

Third thing…

Search social media and see which ones you want to focus on. I won’t lie to you, social media can be a serious time suck. You get on to post some thing on Twitter & you notice something interesting trending. Or you check Facebook and you scroll and scroll and scroll. Or you click over to YouTube and before you know it you are watching skateboarding dogs. *sigh* Put a timer on, pencil it into your calendar. Stick to the program.

Fourth thing…

Be transparent.
Allow your audience to feel like they are getting to know you. And yes, that includes the ups and the downs. Let them celebrate with you. Let them groan with you. Let them cheer you on. You are building a team.

Fifth thing…

This whole platform building / marketing yourself and your business takes time. I know we live in a day and age where we expect instant gratification. Sadly, marketing does not happen over night. Think of commercials… How long has Nike had their whoosh? How long has Flo been with Progressive? The King and BK?

Getting the drift???

Yes, it is part of the job. Unless you are a front-liner in whatever is your field, the company you represent (or is representing your work) is not going to tweet or post about you or your products. So let’s get ready to toot our own horns in 2019!

Until next time…

Happy marketing,


Off the Hook!

Off the Hook!

I love it when creativity flows. Don’t you? There are TONS of mediums to use too.

  • Words
  • paint
  • digital
  • ribbon
  • yarn
  • music
  • pine needles
  • scraps of paper

I can go on and on. The thing about creativity is it is unlimited. Only hindered by the creator. I did that to myself. When I was a little girl, I wanted to learn to crochet. My mother tried, but I could not get the hang of it. I wanted to do it one way. She wanted me to do it another. I tried, got frustrated, and quit.

Fast forward to just a few short years ago. Two to be exact. And I talked my baby sister into teaching me. She allowed me to do the hand I felt comfortable with… my LEFT one. She sat across from me and I did what I have always done. *smile* I did it backwards. AND it clicked!

Now I am ready to pay it forward. There are not many videos on the internet to help lefties with crocheting. I hope to change that. I will start with the basics and begin to build up. I plan on posting FREE video instructions and giving links to download a written pattern for a small fee.

I hope you all will join me on my crocheting adventure. Here’s to many, many projects to come!

Until next time…

Happy Hooking!


Color Page Thursday!

Coloring Pages Thursday

It’s Thursday… Almost the weekend… As IF we need a reason to color! But still, let’s celebrate.

Coloring is so relaxing to me. You can choose to stay in the lines… or go over them. Use the ‘right’ colors… or march to your own drum. You can even color with out lines or thought. It’s up to you to enjoy the experience and let your creativity expand.

I will be offering coloring pages that will be free downloadable pdf files. Print off one, two, or however many you need.

And have fun!

Until next time…

Happy creating!


Beyond The Book

Beyond The Book

I’m always excited when I hear that someone likes reading. I mean come on, I am a writer! But what happens after the last word is read, the last page is turned, and the back cover is closed?

How can you continue the love of literacy throughout the day? By taking what you’ve read and looking how you can incorporate it into other learning or activities can lead to another layer of making children excited about reading.

How can you do this?

Activities – Go for a walk, color, gather leaves or stones. Feeling handy, dandy? Try making a craft! Anything you can associate with what you’ve been reading is game.

Games – Turn an already known game into something similar to a book. Or be adventurous and create your own!

Snacks – Time for yummies! Can you make a delicious snack that will go along with your favorite read? It can be anything from healthy to totally indulgent.

Color – Grab your pencils and crayons! draw a picture that goes along with a story. Then color it in.

There are a lot more things you can do to take reading a book to the next level.

Then thing is to keep readers engaged. The more they are interested in reading, the more they will read!

Until next time…

Happy reading!


Happy 2019!

Happy 2019!

It’s the new year! That means a new chapter, a blank canvas, a new project, and so many adventures await! I always look forward to this day. I’ve been planning on how to redirect my blog to be more beneficial to my targeted audiences.

What does that mean for you? Hopefully, it will help you become more aware of the products I offer, as well as give you some insight on how to become better at what you do and also become more interactive with what I do.

Here is a peek at what I will be offering this year:

  • MONDAY: MARKETING — I will be offering marketing tips and tricks that expand across any field. If you work for yourself, you need to be marketing.
  • TUESDAY: AVON — I am an independent AVON representative and will be showcasing different products, how-tos, reveals, and more. Let’s get to know AVON better!
  • WEDNESDAY: BEYOND THE BOOK — I will take a more in-depth look at my books and how you can expand learning and having fun with them.
  • THURSDAY: COLORING PAGES — Who doesn’t like to color? From inspiration from my own books and more, I will be offering free downloadable/printable coloring pages.
  • FRIDAY: LEFT HOOK CROCHET — Did you know I’m a fiber artist? I began my crochet journey in 2017 and now offer my products for sale. BUT I have a hook on what I do… I’m a lefty! My Left Hook Crochet posts will be dedicated to leftys with patterns, videos, and more.


So much to do for this year. I hope to be more interactive and can’t wait to see what you think of everything.

Until next time….

Happy writing/illustrating/crocheting!


Writing – Just Do It! by: #TMCProductions


Writing – Just Do It!

I think every published author has heard the question:

How do you write a book?

I think my favorite quote is:

Image result for open a vein and bleed writing quotes

Honestly, sometimes it feels like this. It can exhaust you. You pour your heart and soul into each letter, each word, each sentence, each paragraph, each story. When you hold a book, you are literally holding onto someone’s dream.

Writing is an amazing thing.

So… How does one write?

Quite simply, BIC.


Sit down and write. It doesn’t have to be perfect. First drafts are called sloppy copies in school for a reason! *laughing* The main thing is to get your idea down onto paper or the computer screen. Breathe life into the sparks of your thoughts. Watch as the oxygen gives energy and becomes more vivid. Before you know it, you will have your story, or at least the gist of it, down.

Take a break.

Take a deep breath.

Take a good look at your manuscript.

Be proud. You have accomplished something magical. Something extraordinary.

Then roll up your sleeves and get ready to do the HARD work. Yes, I wrote “HARD”. “But that WAS hard,” you say? I know. I struggle even after writing professionally for over 18 years! BUT getting that first draft ready for publication… that’s where you add pressure to every word, every scene. You squeeze. You shift your visions. You hold onto the parts that matter and move the story forward. You learn to toss the parts that stall your story.

Continue moving forward. Constantly! Before you know it, you will have a story that sparkles like a diamond.

Keep checking in on Wednesdays, as I will be sharing writing tips and tricks I have learned over the years. Somethings I had to learn the hard way and some things I was lucky enough to have someone else pass onto me.


Leave me a comment:


Where are you in your writing career?
Do you have a hard time with ideas?
What is your downfall?

Until next time…
Happy Writing!


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