Tuesday Tips: Get Back to Your Roots. WHY Do You Write?



Getting Back to Your Roots
WHY Do You Write?

Have you ever been asked this question:

Why do you write?

Or more importantly, have you ever asked yourself that?

A fellow writer, Debbie LaCroix, posed this question to herself on her blog and it got me to thinking.

WHY do I write?

For me it is a number of things:

  1. My love of stories since I was a child.
    My papa told me stories all the time. I’m sure most of you have heard of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, or Jack and the Beanstalk, or The Three Pigs, want me to keep on??? BUT you might not have heard of The Three Frogs or The Three Lightning Bugs. Those were my Papa’s stories, those were the ones that I began my writing journey with. (If they do sound familiar, it is because THIS is where Ribbert and Liddil came to be.)
  2. Ideas and concepts that come into mind.
    I find that little things, ordinary things, things taken for granted will turn into an adventure in my head. Then I discover characters and characteristics, and twists with turns, and then -hopefully- the happy ending. It is amazing how many ideas surround us, if we only take the time to listen, look, feel.
  3. Wanting to make a difference.
    The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword.
    Y-E-S! Words can heal, can cut, can reach out, can silence, can make us feel deeper than we ever thought we could. I can’t tell you the times I have shed tears over a character or rooted them on into victory. There are times when I can’t sleep after reading something. There have been times when I would sneak off into my closet to turn the light on because I couldn’t put the book down in the middle of the night.
    Words, books, let us know we are not alone and can close the gap.
  4. The voices in my head won’t hush.
    I admit it. Yes, writers are the only people who can say we hear voices in our head and NOT have people worried about us.
  5. It is like breathing. If I tried to stop, I would die inside.
    This is the most profound statement I can make. I don’t choose to write words, the words have chosen me. People have callings… to be a doctor/nurse, to be a policeman, or a teacher. I have a calling to be a writer and it is my job to do it properly.

Those are some of my reasons. At least the first 5 that came into mind. It won’t be the same for everyone, but then again everyone has their own story to tell.
What are yours?


:::Leave me a comment:::

Let me hear WHY you write. Or follow up with your own blog post. Link this post to it and we can follow the journeys of different writers. Don’t forget to visit Debbie’s blog!


Happy writing!


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Thinking Thursday: SUMMER SPARKS writing challenge

Summer Sparks

Hello people!

WHAT is Summer Sparks? Well, I’ll get to that in a little bit. First I want you to know that I know how hard coming up with ideas can be. To help me out I have participated in a a few writing challenges:

Shannon Abercrombie’s: START THE YEAR OFF WRITE


Tara Lazar’s: PIBOIDMO

THEN I like to participate in several writing challenges…

Julie Hedlund’s: 12×12



That being said, I still find myself stalling out mid-year.  *waaaaaaaaah*


I don’t know. Maybe it’s the nice weather? Maybe it’s the kids being out of school? The gardening needing weeding and planting and harvesting? Vacation to be taken? There are SO MANY things it could be. Sometimes it my ideas didn’t pan out. Sometimes I’m in a rut and need a good kick to get going again. SOOOOOOOOOO….

Summer Sparks

Is a brain child of mine. I will be hosting this writing challenge *YIKES!* during the first two weeks of Summer!
Here is the run down:

  • SIGN-UP: will go from June 1-15. I will blog a sign-up post on JUNE 1st. YOU MUST COMMENT ON THIS BLOG TO BE INCLUDED IN THE PRIZES AT THE END OF THE CHALLENGE.
  • SUMMER SPARKS: June 21-July4 will be the run-time of the challenge. You will have until July 11th to catch up on challenge. (because I know some of us will be busy during the holiday)
  • BLOG POSTS: Each day a guest blogger will talk about the different challenges and/or aspects of being a picture book writer. They will also give you a ‘spark’ of a writing prompt to give you an idea for a story.
  • PRIZES: Some bloggers will be giving away prizes. You will have to follow each day and participate the whole two weeks to be eligible.
  • ACCOMPLISHMENT: What I hope this will give you all is at least 14 sparks for new stories.


  1. Kelly Halls
  2. Alison Hertz
  3. Alyane Christian
  4. Corey Schwartz
  5. Julie Gribble
  6. Jodi Moore
  7. Susanna Hill
  8. Tara Lazar
  9. Tracey M. Cox
  10. Kristi Call
  11. Donna Earnhardt
  12. Donna M. McDine
  13. Kris Dinnison
  14. Carol Ekster
  15. Claire Murphy (BONUS Blogger)

To find out more information go to : https://traceymcox.wordpress.com/summer-sparks/  . You will find pictures and links to each blogger. Hope to see you all there.

Have fun writing!!!

www.Wednesday… 12×12 and Julie Hedlund




I wanted to remind everyone about this great writing challenge.  ^^^^^ Yep, that one. The 12×12 Writing Challenge is currently underway aaaaaand it’s not to late to join in. Buuuuuuuuut time IS running out! Friday, February 28th, is THE LAST DAY to register to officially participate in this years’ challenge.

What Is It About

12×12 is all about writing. You have 12 months to write 12 picture book first drafts. Seems pretty easy, right. *cue evil laughter in the background* Believe it or not, writing is hard, life gets in the way, and sometimes your muse takes a vacation without telling you.
With the 12×12 writing challenge you get the added benefit of a community of writers who all are trying to do what you do… in the same genre! You can bounce ideas off of each other, ask questions, express concern, post exciting details, and rant. hahaha. Even when someone else is asking a question, it may trigger an idea with you and you are off and running with an idea yourself.  The group is mixed with newbies, mid-range, and experienced writers. This is an added benefit. You get experience, you get the ones digging in, and you get the ones who are struggling and may see something in a different way that you haven’t thought of.

How To Join

You can click on the 12×12 picture above or click here.  There are 3 different levels and different fees that go along with them.

What To Do After You Join?

W-R-I-T-E! Put your butt in that chair  (BIC)  and get to business! That is part of the job description. You have to write, type, scribble, BLEED those words out and get them down.
There is a forum with 12×12 as well as a Facebook page where you can ask questions, post events, introduce yourself, find critique groups, post the first 250 words of your ms, and MORE!


Why am I posting about something that someone has to pay for? Because I use this challenge myself! This is my 3rd year doing 12×12 and I believe the motivation and people keep me accountable and moving in the right directions.
Does it work? Yes, if you put work into it.
Will it guarantee a sale? No, that is up to you. YOU have to work at this writing business. YOU have to research publishing houses. YOU have to submit and get those rejections. YOU have to not get discourage and decide that YES, THIS IS WHO I AM AND WHAT I WANT TO DO!
But… you will have a whole slew of people behind you. Rooting you on! And enjoying it when that sweet success does happen. 🙂

There are other writing challenges out there too. I participate in quite a few. hahaha. I like challenging myself to become a better writer. How about you?

Let me know if you are participating in the 12×12 Writing Challenge. Or what writing goals do you have? How are you going to keep yourself accountable and achieve those dreams?
I’d love to hear from you!!!!

Happy Writing!

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Thinking Thursday… Think Happy Thoughts

Any happy thought?

Yep… that and faith and trust and a little dust…er, elbow grease.  😉

Do you have a dream?

Writing, drawing, cooking, photography, being a great mom…

Well all you have to do is have FAITH. Get a plan together. Make short-term goals to meet your long-term goal. What are the steps you have to take to achieve each short-term goal. Do they all build on each other to reach your long-term goal?
Take classes, practicing, meeting others in your field, trying different mediums… these are just a few things you can do to begin your journey.

Then there is TRUST. Take that first step. Join organizations, groups, communities. All these will not only give you knowledge, but will also give you support in what you are trying to accomplish. Trust is a lot. It is hart. It is worth it!

Don’t forget the DUST! Get in there and get involved. Time to roll up the sleeve and put your back into it. Trial and error DOES NOT mean you fail. It means you are trying. I rather have a million fails, then to look back and wished I had tried.

What are your happy thoughts? Those things that make you want to spread your wings and soar.

Mine? Well it has actually changed over time. To begin with… I wanted to write well.
Once I really dove into it, my plans changed. I wanted to become a published author.
Now? I want to be able to call writing my full-time career.

Let me know what your happy thought is. Or what you are doing to achieve your goal.

Good luck and YOU CAN FLY!

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Resolution Smesolution! :p

Well here we are,

~!~ 2014 ~!~ 

I brought in the new year surrounded by family and friends. My high school sweet heart by my side, giving me a sweet kiss to bring in the next 365 days.
One thing I don’t like to do is ‘Re-sol-ut-ions’. WHY? I really had to think about this today as I saw many of my friends posting and blogging about them. Then it hit me…

“resolution (ˌrɛzəˈluːʃən)
1. the act or an instance of resolving
2. the condition or quality of being resolute; firmness or determination
3. something resolved or determined; decision”

Resolutions are a rut! Yep, I said it. It is something you have tried (at least once) and failed at. Why start a brand new year… A BRAND NEW START… with your failures???

So today I say SMESOLUTION TO THE RESOLUTIONS!    😛   <– with a big raspberry to seal the deal!
I’m looking forward to this year and building on my accomplishments, setting goals (big and small), and looking ahead to what all 2014 can hold.


  1. 3 Book acceptances
  2. Seeing Son#1 get the job of his dreams… CHEF
  3. Seeing Son#2 take a big step in his future and graduate… U.S. ARMY COMBAT ENGINEER
  4. Seeing Son#3 move to a new school and BLOSSOM
  5. Learning new things (I know how to dress open wounds, take bp, and deal out meds really good now!)
  6. Setting up a marketing group on FaceBook
  7. Getting sponsorship for Books Love & Taters Book Festival
  8. Finding my DAD and SIBLINGS!!!

And that is off of the top of my head. When I focus on the positive… WOW! I have had an awesome year!!! 😀 One full of joys and breath taking events. Some that most people won’t ever get to witness or feel. Yes, I’m blessed.

I’m not going to focus on the negative. I’m looking forward from now on. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

S   t   r   e   t   c   h     yourself!

See what you can do. You just might surprise yourself.
See you soon…