5 Ways to Deal with Rejection


5 Ways to Deal with Rejection

As a writer there comes a time when we all hear the “R” word. It’s an ugly word and let’s face it, we don’t want to hear it. That or the “P” word either. Fine! I’ll say them… Rejection & Pass. *sigh*

So it is inevitable we will all get these. So how do you deal with it?

Sure, sure. Crying helps. So does throwing a righteous fit. But to get anything accomplished you need to move foward.

  1. Step back
    I know I said move forward.  😉  Take a minute (or a day or two or three) to distance yourself from your work. By giving yourself a time out, you help break some of the emotional ties you have. This will help you see things more clearly too.
  2. Look at it objectively
    After #1, you should be able to see your ms with new eyes. Take into consideration who said what. Are they an agent? Editor? Someone you have high respect for? None of the above? All this will determine how much weight what they have said will carry you through to your revisions.
  3. Second opinion
    Seriously. Get several opinions. I have at least three people read over my ms. AT LEAST! Then if more than one is pointing something out, you have more reason to consider what they are saying and why.
  4. Write, rewrite, revise
    Move those fingers. Sometimes the best way to get over rejection is to write. Write something new. Rewrite the whole ding-dang story if you feel the need. Or revise on what people have said. Just get them fingers flying.
  5. Reward
    Yes, REWARD YOURSELF for rejections!!!!!!! You have taken a big step. You’ve gotten your work out there and you are earning your stripes! Celebrate the victories. Each. And. Every. One. Of. THEM! *hint, hint* Chocolate is great!

Let me know how you deal with rejection?
Let me know about your victories!!! Celebrate!


Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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www.Wednesday… KidLit TV


KidLit TV, which will launch in the fall, will be the online video resource for the greater KidLit Community.

So why am I telling you about this web site now? There has been a FB group created for KidLit TV. This group will be your place to post videos or links to videos! Share your book trailers, news videos, interview videos, school visits, book signings, how-to advice on everything from creating awesome picture books to making animated presentations. You can also share others that you have found helpful, even if you have not created them. This is your video group in the KidLit world. 

I spoke with Julie Gribble, the creative brains behind KidLit TV and here’s what she had to say about it:


Our exciting new venture, KidLit TV, will leverage our experience with other forms of media to help parents, teachers, and librarians learn more about the world of children’s literature. It will feature interviews with children’s book authors and illustrators and will be an online visual resource for the greater KidLit Community.
The KidLit TV website and YouTube channel will be launching in fall 2014!

Remember the FB Group Page I mentioned earlier. There is a ‘soft’ launch going on TONIGHT! Julie and I will be online at 8 pm est to answer your questions and take suggestions.
If you haven’t received an invite to the virtual launch, let me know you would like to be invited. We’ll have to be friends on fb. You can friend me on my page. Also here is the page for the KIDLIT TV FB GROUP PAGE.

Hope to see you all there. Now, get those videos going!




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GUEST BLOGGER: Robyn Campbell – I Always Wanted To Be A Writer

Hi Everyone!

Today I have a great story for all of you who are wondering… “Am I the only one?” When it comes to your writing, if you are on the right track, if you think a head of yourself (GOSH! I do this!!!!!), and a good presence of never letting go of your dreams, remember where you came from and where you are heading.

Thank you so much Robyn for sharing your story. I must say, I saw A LOT of myself. The first story I ever wrote was about 10 pages long. It was a picture book. 😦 And of course I thought it was the best thing in the world. Hahahaha. I’ll share my story below.

Hope you all can see the ray of sunshine that comes from this post.

Thanks again Robyn!!!

Best wishes,




I Always Wanted To Be A Writer

Robyn Campbell

by Robyn Campbell

I always wanted to be a writer, but life got in the way. Life is, six boys and one girl, a farm, hubby, and horses. (Hubby is only way down on that list, because he doesn’t require too much hands on help.) Then came the homeschooling. It was really through the kids that I decided to make my dream a reality.

So. I sat down and wrote my first picture book. Oh man! I thought it was the best story I’d ever read. I thought the first publisher I sent it to would snap it up. And I would make a million or two. Yeah! I was one happy mama! Woohoo. (I’d already spent a million or two in my head.) And no. You don’t wanna go in that place. It’s scary man.

On a sunny Tuesday morning, fast forward to me walking down to our mailbox, hopeful, whistling, full of anticipation. There was a letter in that box. It was from the publisher. I tried to look through the envelope to see how much the check was written for. (Yeah really.) I was like super dumb!
I raced back up the driveway, only to think I might have a heart attack. (Our driveway goes STRAIGHT up.) Note to self: never race up that thing again!

I hollered, “The check has arrived and I see a lot of zeroes.” Of course, I saw the zeroes in that scary place. My head. You don’t wanna go there. *shakes head*

I ripped into that envelope and shook the paper so the check would fall out.

Robyn looked perplexed. “Hmm. Where’s the check?” So I thought it must be taped to the paper.

You DO know what happened next right? Tears were shed. Squalling Robyns shed lots of tears, I gotta tell you.

It was a form rejection.

“Bbbut. It’s the best story ever written.” Robyn snorted.

In about a week, I reread my masterpiece. I’d already been online learning about picture books, snooping around my pal Susanna’s place, and basically realizing I was kinda dumb to think my first story would be picked up by the first publisher and I would sell it for millions. Sheesh. Could there ever be any person more brainless than me, back then?

Well, when I read my glorious bestselling story, I realized one important thing. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING!!!!!! That thing was a mess!

That was when I made up my mind to learn all I could. And that’s the motto of this way sad story peeps. Learn all we can. We have the entire world at out fingertips. Write, read, repeat. That’s taped to my computer. You know what else is taped beside my computer? That story. It reminds me of how far I’ve come. I know I’m always going to learn stuff, even after I’m published. But I’ve come a long way baby! Thanks for reading my way sad story. Now go and write that masterpiece! 

You can find Robyn Campbell:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/authorswrite
Blog: http://robyn-campbell.blogspot.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robyn.campbell.587

~WELCOME 2012~

Happy New Year Everyone!

Are you feeling inspired by the new year? I always do. It is after all a new beginning. :0)

My favorite inspiration writers story is about Dr. Seuss…
He had a list, an editors list. You see, he had wrote a story about a cat and a hat, and he believed in that story. So he sent it out to the first editor on his list. It came back with a rejection and you know he had to be sad. But he didn’t give up. He crossed off the editors name and sent it out to the second editor on his list. It came back with another rejection and you know he had to be at least a little more sad. But he didn’t give up. He crossed off that editors name and sent it out to the third editor on his list. It came back with another rejection and may be he felt like he wasn’t so sure in his story. But he didn’t give up. He sent it out to the four editor, then the fifth, the sixth, and on and on. Each time crossing off that particular editor name. Then after over 40 rejections someone saw something in this story, someone else believed in his work. And now so many someones enjoy his stories every year. All because he refused to give up!

But he is not the only famous person who didn’t give up. Here’s a video I stole from Elizabeth Dulemba. Hopefully to inspire you. Whatever you are doing… Dream, Believe, and Reach For The Stars!

Happy New Year All!
Best wishes,


Well, shoot!

Hello all.

I got my response for the publishing house that had my revision…
It was a “no” BUT… she thought that I should keep persuing other houses AND she edited my manuscript.

Now, I’m not much for squeeling, but     S Q U E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E!    I am so excited. Definitely doing a snoopy dance here. Now I’ve got to sit down and decide where to send this next. Decisions, decisions.

I have been working on this story for a long time. It’s nice to see your hard work begin to pay off.

Hope all of you get to hear some good news with your writing too!

Best wishes,