#ThinkingThursday – How to Get Your Name Out There

4How To Get Your Name Out There

Marketing 101.1

The first thing I ask any client of mine is WHO are you? WHAT do you want to be known for? Some people know right off the bat. Others are still searching. Either way, it’s fine. Branding yourself or your products can evolve over time. But you need to have some direction.

Marketing 101.2

The second step is to google yourself or the name you want to be known as. A simple search will show you who your competition is with your name. You may be surprised as to what is out there. Sometimes it’s good, other times it can be something you definitely want to distance yourself from. Ultimately you need to see how you can create a unique image for you.

My third step is to search hashtags.

  • What can be unique to you?
    You’ll want something that is rarely used or hasn’t been used at all. Something that people will begin to associate with you. It can be your name. It can be a product you offer. Or, if you are like me, it can be a company you are under.
  • What can you incorporate that has a following?
    There are TONS of hashtags out there. Whatever industry you are in there are hashtags. By looking at others in your industry, you’ll see what they use. Really take notice of the hashtags that reappear over and over. THOSE are the ones you need to use. By using the repetitive ones, you’ll be included in a social media community circle.

Marketing 101.3

Once you know what you want to be known for and what you can use to be known as you can figure out HOW you want to begin marketing.

Social media outlets are great for this. You don’t have to buy ads to market. Although buying ads will ensure a broader range of people who see your post. The thing I don’t like about this is how many of those who see it really click through??? If you don’t know me from a hill of beans, WHY would you click on my ad? If you do buy ads, make sure to do some research and really know how to punch them up. You’ll need to stand apart from all the other ads out there.

I’ve chosen to go the ad-less route so far. Most of the people who see my posts know me, they know what I’m going through, what I’m doing, what I’m trying to accomplish. Most root me on. 😀 I try to be organic (even with my schedule posts) and be transparent. You can post on social media for free. Which is a big check mark for me. The problem with freebies is you will have to build your audience. Do not expect a tick up on your website or people buying your products left and right overnight. It takes time to build an audience. You have to show them you know your stuff. You have to let them know you. If you come across as an arrogant, crappy person, you won’t have very many people who are loyal. BUT if you are nice, try to help, pay it forward when you can, and be honest with people, people will want to associate themselves with you.

And trust me, you cannot fake that last line!
Over time, people will see you for what you truly are!

You will have to decide for yourself which social media outlets work for you. Not everyone likes Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest or LinkedIn or whatever else you look into. I would suggest, however, to try them. TRULY try them. Give yourself a time limit and an honest try on the outlet to see if you like it. To be honest, I hated Twitter when I first started out on it. But after using it, and participating in chats and contests, I actually like it now. Go figure! *HA!*

Marketing 101.4

Make sure you post regularly. Transparency is great, but people need to hear from you often. Also, the more you post, the higher your SEO (search engine optimization) will be when people look for you on the interweebs. The search engines LOVE new content. They also love meta tags. If you blog and your server offers categories and/or tags, USE THEM!!! If you upload videos to YouTube… USE THE TAGS!!! Pinterest… ADD DESCRIPTION WITH COMMAS!!! Each of these creates Meta Tags which run in the background. The public doesn’t see them, but the search engines do!

By posting regularly, people will begin to notice your posts. They will also notice when you don’t post. Trust me on this. Posting regularly gives you accountability on whatever you are trying to be known for.

You’re busy, right. Posting throughout the day is too demanding. I get that. I get that a lot! I schedule my posts. There are plenty of companies out there who you can use to schedule. Some are free and some charge. Then you can take one afternoon and create enough posts to look busy on your chosen outlets for the week or two weeks or longer.

The main thing I want to stress about getting your name out there is to do it, do it as honest as you can, and do it consistently.

How do you get your name out there?
What are your favorite social media outlets to post on?

Until next time…
Happy writing!

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#TipTuesday – Staying on Track!


Staying on Track!


Many people get overwhelmed when they are marketing their business. Good grief! I know I do!!! One thing I’ve learned to do is “calendaring” or “bullet journaling”. I know several people who do this successfully. To be honest, if I didn’t do this, I wouldn’t get everything done. It’s impossible to keep up with everything.

I absolutely love my calendar and open it up every time I begin to write a blog post, schedule a tweet or Facebook post, or even update a website. Everything is on my calendar.

I use an excel spreadsheet *you’re surprised, right* to layout my monthly calendars. I break them down into different days and have a “TO DO” column. The TO DO list is great for the things I do daily or regularly. Then I list things on the individual days. Like I blog regularly, but then I will post on which days for that week. Once I have completed that task, I’ll highlight that cell in green. LOTS of green boxes makes me happy.   🙂

I wanted to give you all some help and have a FREE DOWNLOAD of my calendar setup.

Now you can go in and plug in the correct month and days. Then start penciling in the things you want to accomplish every day.

I also have a “TIME” column below my calendar for the times I want to schedule certain posts. Like at 8:00 am I have KidLit TV posts. At 5:30 pm I’ll have another KidLit TV post. I have certain posts for my own marketing that go out at 9:00 am, 1 pm, and 6:30 pm. Then I have posts for South Georgia Writers Guild and others that I market for. If I didn’t have my time column and my daily reminder, I would easily get things mixed up or miss them entirely.

I hope this helps some of you keep track of your marketing. Let me know if you try this! Or do you have a different way of keeping things on track? I love to see how others do things too.

Until next time…
Happy writing!

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