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As I am winding my blog down for the year, I would like to highlight some authors who I think are just plain out awesome sauce! I fully recommend their books and think they would look wonderful sitting on your shelf (the books, not the author. *hahaha*). So please read below and see what these people do for the industry, and if you will… buy some of their books.

Julie Gribble

Julie Gribble

Julie Gribble is the owner of New York Media Works which creates and produces works for children and the children’s literature community in both the United States and Great Britain. She founded KidLit TV to help children’s authors and illustrators broaden their audience by using new technologies to complement and promote their work. KidLit TV is the first online resource of its kind for parents, librarians, teachers, and kid lit creators.

Find out more about Julie, KidLit.TV, New York Media Works, and her amazing book at her WEBSITE.

Tara Lazar

wpid-tarafall2011picclose.jpgTara Lazar is the founder and leader of PiBoIdMo. A picture book writer’s challenge to come up with 30 ideas in 30 days. She has just completed her 7th annual contest. She is the author of The Monstore, I Thought This Was A Bear Book, & Little Red Gliding Hood.

Find out more about Tara and her amazing books at her WEBSITE.

wpid-monstorecoversmall.jpeg   bear-book-final-cover  littleredglidinghood  coming March 2016:  normalnormancoverfinal

Susanna Hill

slh wyoming

Susanna Hill offers an online writing course for picture book writers. She also host many writing contests through the year. Susanna is also a great writer’s advocate as she features a “Would You Read It?” post on her blog as well as “Perfect Picture Book Friday” where she gives a shout out to some of her favorite books.

Find out more about Susanna, her workshop and her amazing books at her WEBSITE.

CSWSphyllis cover  Nsfcover-210-exp  Airplane_flight-210  Beer Is Zo Moe! Cover  listbooks_1  listbooks  Not_yet_rose_ca-210  Traincoversmall-210

Kami Kinard & Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

kami and s Kami & Sudipta are the FANTASTIC duo who put on the KidLit Summer School. These two multi-talented peeps. *you’ll get this if you’ve attended the classes. :)* Have an assortment of publications to their names.

Find out more about each of them and their awesome books at the their websites… Kami’s WEBSITE & Sudipta’s WEBSITE.

Kami: Screen Shot 2011-09-16 at 8.22.47 AM  boy problem cover  Screen20Shot202011-09-1620at208.21.2020AM       Sudipta:  DDM Cover  252_51VEwFVZ7LL._SS500_  267_image025  316_9781442406735  109256679  9781477847176_p0_v1_s260x420  hogprince  Pirate_Princess_Cover-filtered  Sleeping Beauty  Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

Elaine Kiely Kearns & Sylvia Liu

Elaine-&-SylviaElaine & Sylvia are the FANTASTIC duo who put together KidLit411. This is the place where you can find tons of links to help you out as a writer and/or illustrator.

Find out more about each of them and their awesome books at their websites… Elaine’s WEBSITE & Sylvia’s WEBSITE.

Sylvia:  8735302_orig


Alison Hertz

Alison K. HertzAlison Hertz is not only an author, but a fantastic artist as well. She heads up Doodle Day to help get those creative juices flowing as well as providing a daily exercise to draw and improve your craft.

Find out more about Alison, Doodle Day, and her awesome book at her WEBSITE.


So there are my few top pics of authors and illustrators to support.

Let me know if you’ve read any of these books?
Do you know of any other great authors/illustrators you would like to add to my list?

Until next time,

Happy Writing!

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ShapingUptheYearcoverart RibbertsWayHome8x300[1] LGHL-small justthethingtobe8x300 ADT-8x150 Arachnabet 91RmjVjmjxL._SL500_SX310_ CXW8x150 100PFT300

www . Wednesday –


www. Wednesday –

I discovered this site last year and have become a follower. Why? it’s about a few nerdy chics who are empowering other nerdy chics in the writing field.  🙂   Honestly, what’s not to love there???

Kami and Sudipta (and now Mary) share their collected coolness and pass on some great information. They also offer classes to help others further in their career!

Here’s a little peck about them:

“Nerdy Chicks Rule is a blog celebrating the accomplishments of females who aren’t afraid to use brain power. We feature interviews with cool nerdy chicks, and quotes from cool nerdy chicks.  (Cool nerdy  is not an oxymoron. Nerdy IS cool here at Nerdy Chicks Rule.)  Every now and then in between you’ll get a few words from we bloggers.”

Go check out their website and get to scratching around. You’ll find all kinds of feed and juicy tidbits!

Let me know what you think about Nerdy Chicks!
Do you know of any other blogs or websites you would like seen featured on my blog?


Summer SparksSUMMER SPARKS will be starting this month on June 21st! READ THIS POST and let me know if you will be taking the challenge. Let’s get those ideas sparking!

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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