#TipTuesday – Staying on Track!


Staying on Track!


Many people get overwhelmed when they are marketing their business. Good grief! I know I do!!! One thing I’ve learned to do is “calendaring” or “bullet journaling”. I know several people who do this successfully. To be honest, if I didn’t do this, I wouldn’t get everything done. It’s impossible to keep up with everything.

I absolutely love my calendar and open it up every time I begin to write a blog post, schedule a tweet or Facebook post, or even update a website. Everything is on my calendar.

I use an excel spreadsheet *you’re surprised, right* to layout my monthly calendars. I break them down into different days and have a “TO DO” column. The TO DO list is great for the things I do daily or regularly. Then I list things on the individual days. Like I blog regularly, but then I will post on which days for that week. Once I have completed that task, I’ll highlight that cell in green. LOTS of green boxes makes me happy.   🙂

I wanted to give you all some help and have a FREE DOWNLOAD of my calendar setup.

Now you can go in and plug in the correct month and days. Then start penciling in the things you want to accomplish every day.

I also have a “TIME” column below my calendar for the times I want to schedule certain posts. Like at 8:00 am I have KidLit TV posts. At 5:30 pm I’ll have another KidLit TV post. I have certain posts for my own marketing that go out at 9:00 am, 1 pm, and 6:30 pm. Then I have posts for South Georgia Writers Guild and others that I market for. If I didn’t have my time column and my daily reminder, I would easily get things mixed up or miss them entirely.

I hope this helps some of you keep track of your marketing. Let me know if you try this! Or do you have a different way of keeping things on track? I love to see how others do things too.

Until next time…
Happy writing!

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Tuesday Tips: 7 Different Types of Presentations

presentation_01.svg.med7 Different Types of Presentations


Today I’m continuing my block of post on…



 As I begin winding down my SCHOOL VISITS blogging block. I thought I would touch on the seven presentations that come to my mind when I try to make up, or revise, one of my presentations.

  1.  Reading
    Read a book or two. It can be all yours or mix it up. Ask them what they liked about each book. This can help you in seeing what’s interesting to them too! Research. 🙂  This presentation works great for the younger ages. Although I have had high school students who love this too. I don’t think we ever grow out of liking to hear a story being told.
  2. Writing Process
    Take the students through your writing process. They will see that you have to do several things just like they do. This helps make the connection of carrying-through for life on what they are learning. This presentation works great for mid-elementary all the way through high school.
  3. Different Genres
    This type of presentation you can bring different books for each genre. You can go into word count and content on how each genre is different and how they can build on each other with information. I like telling them my ya version of a nursery rhyme and seeing if they can guess which one it is.
  4. How to Submit
    For this type of presentation you can go into revisions, researching publishing houses and magazines, show them what different rejections look like and what an acceptance letter looks like too. You can also let them know that the work isn’t done then. We market, promote, send in for awards and reviews, etc. This takes them into the business side of writing.
  5. Writing Workshop
    This type of presentation is where you can show them how characters need setting and conflict, how to pace and move the story along, and how to come to a conclusion. Most of these will have a ‘book’ that the students can keep. Here’s a video:

6.  Illustrating How To Draw
This type of presentation is where you can show students how a character develops.
Check out this video:

7.  Specialty Program
Do you have a book that is geared toward an event or something specific? If so, having a presentation which features this is a great way to get a message across. Maybe is it about the Underground Railroad, or Women’s Rights, or Native American oriented, or Stranger Danger issued. There are tons of topics that schools like to address and a great way to get your foot in the door.


So what do you think? Any of these get your brain buzzing with ideas for a presentation? Let me know what you think.

Do you know of any other presentation ideas?
Have any questions?

Until next time,

Happy Writing!

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Tuesday Tips: Get Back to Your Roots. WHY Do You Write?



Getting Back to Your Roots
WHY Do You Write?

Have you ever been asked this question:

Why do you write?

Or more importantly, have you ever asked yourself that?

A fellow writer, Debbie LaCroix, posed this question to herself on her blog and it got me to thinking.

WHY do I write?

For me it is a number of things:

  1. My love of stories since I was a child.
    My papa told me stories all the time. I’m sure most of you have heard of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, or Jack and the Beanstalk, or The Three Pigs, want me to keep on??? BUT you might not have heard of The Three Frogs or The Three Lightning Bugs. Those were my Papa’s stories, those were the ones that I began my writing journey with. (If they do sound familiar, it is because THIS is where Ribbert and Liddil came to be.)
  2. Ideas and concepts that come into mind.
    I find that little things, ordinary things, things taken for granted will turn into an adventure in my head. Then I discover characters and characteristics, and twists with turns, and then -hopefully- the happy ending. It is amazing how many ideas surround us, if we only take the time to listen, look, feel.
  3. Wanting to make a difference.
    The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword.
    Y-E-S! Words can heal, can cut, can reach out, can silence, can make us feel deeper than we ever thought we could. I can’t tell you the times I have shed tears over a character or rooted them on into victory. There are times when I can’t sleep after reading something. There have been times when I would sneak off into my closet to turn the light on because I couldn’t put the book down in the middle of the night.
    Words, books, let us know we are not alone and can close the gap.
  4. The voices in my head won’t hush.
    I admit it. Yes, writers are the only people who can say we hear voices in our head and NOT have people worried about us.
  5. It is like breathing. If I tried to stop, I would die inside.
    This is the most profound statement I can make. I don’t choose to write words, the words have chosen me. People have callings… to be a doctor/nurse, to be a policeman, or a teacher. I have a calling to be a writer and it is my job to do it properly.

Those are some of my reasons. At least the first 5 that came into mind. It won’t be the same for everyone, but then again everyone has their own story to tell.
What are yours?


:::Leave me a comment:::

Let me hear WHY you write. Or follow up with your own blog post. Link this post to it and we can follow the journeys of different writers. Don’t forget to visit Debbie’s blog!


Happy writing!


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Tuesday Tips: YouTube hints and tricks

I’ll admit it…

The whole YouTube – Video was intimidating to me. I mean come on! You want me to get in front of a camera and talk. UGH! And what to talk about???? What if I mess up? What if I freeze? What if…? WHAT IF…!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, let’s all feel a little froggy and get to hoppin’.    😉

I went on YouTube and looked at all sorts of videos. Trying to see what worked and what didn’t. Trust me, there are plenty of examples of both.

What should you video?

Sometimes I look up topics and can’t find exactly what I’m looking for.  BINGO… video idea

I started doing my book reviews via video. I thought it would be a great way to let people see a few illustrations and also the size of the books. Also, who doesn’t like talking about books.

Interviews. I did my first with Katie Davis and had such fun! Can’t wait to do another one.

Silly videos, promotional videos, and then you can go more personal. YES, I have puppy videos. hahaha. Why  not videos for  the newlyweds or family reunions? The possibilities are unlimited.

So here’s a tips and hint sheet I worked on to help you on your way of mastering YouTube:

5 YouTube Tricks and Hints

Hope you have found this post helpful!

Let me know what you think.
Do you have a YouTube channel?
What videos do you find beneficial?
What videos would you like to see more of?

Happy Videoing!

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Tuesday Tips: Platform Building


I have been going over social media outlets and still have a few to touch on. Today I really want to give you tips on why you should consider your platform and the world you are building for.yourself. Think of a store front that you see going through your downtown area or in a mall. You will obviously recognize the major brands and eventually you will get familiarized with the “mom & pop” stores too. BUT there lies the problem. You have to get familiarized with them.

THIS is why platform building is such a great opportunity to market yourself to your customers. They will begin to see your name and your business out there in the public eye and begin to trust the services you say and do provide.

Here are a few things to consider with your platform building:

  1. Your name (brand).
    What is your message you are wanting to get across. Are you a writer? Baker? Lawyer? Hair stylist? Boutique owner? If you own your own business, you need to get your name out to the local public.
  2. How people preceive you.
    How do you come across to people? Really target the types of people you want to come into your business. Even if it is an online business, they still have to click and browse!
    -Clothing… you might want to have the latest styles you have available.
    -Cooking… How about a gallery of your finished products.
    -Writing/Illustrating… Let people see your work (published pieces or glimpse of unfinished artwork), freebies.
    Do you give discounts or raffles? Do you have giveaways? Or referral systems?
  3. What you want to accomplish.
    Of course you want people to buy, but you also want them to talk about your business too. You need the word of mouth to help you in your business. Platform building makes that more than easy to do with all the instant buttons for people to click. This makes is simple to share, like, reblog, etc about you.
  4. What can you give back.
    Yes, what can you give back. Again, freebies, giveaways, referrals, etc. Do you do something in your community? Are you in any organizations that help out? Let people know that you not only care about their business, but that you care about the community in which you live in.

Shameless Promo Here:

I am now available to help you with your PLATFORM BUILDING!

YEP! I’m going to do a little marketing for myself here.

Platform Building Consultation Services

I have started a Platform Building Consultation Service. I am offering to review what you have on social media & give my honest opinion on how you can approach your chosen audience to make your business more public friendly. I will also give suggestions on how to handle the various Social Media Outlets (SMO) you are interested in and not be overwhelmed by it all. Because let’s face it, it is a lot.
The outlets I am currently offering my services on are:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Instagram


What will I do:

  • I will find out what your intentions are for the public’s eye.
  • I will give an overall opinion on how your SMO comes across to me at first glance.
  • I will go in and give an in-depth look at the different levels of your SMO. (website/blogs)
  • I will send you a document with all my Pros and Considerations of your chosen SMO.
  • I also can provide you with an online meeting that will be privately recorded for your continued use.
    (You will need a Google+ account to have meeting. All recordings are set to private. I will  send you the direct link)


I charge $100.00 per hour. One hour minimum required and must be paid upfront.


I accept PAYPAL and/or  CHECKS.
Upfront payment must be received and cleared to receive services requested. Afterwards, I will bill you in 15 minute intervals for any additional time.

If you are interested… email me!

My email address is tracey (at) traceymcox (dot) com, include PLATFORM BUILDING SERVICES in the subject line. I will then send you a sheet to fill out and we can be on our way.

I am not offering to write post or bring in new followers/fans/likes. That will be up to you.
I AM offering the support of the beginning your SMO or redesign of your already established presence on the SMO for public friendliness.

Hope to hear from you soon. AND don’t be afraid to get out there and get noticed!


Happy Marketing!

Tuesday Tips: 4 Insta Tips on Starting to Market on Instagram

Last week I discussed the marketing possibilities on Instagram.

Seriously consider it! Like I said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Let people see your product. Let your product stand for itself! Here is a downloadable tip sheet to get you going on Instagram and before you know it you’ll be Instagraming it all over the place. 🙂



4 Insta Tips to Start Marketing on Instagram

While you are out and about, check out my profile on INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/traceymcox

I would love to hear how you use INSTAGRAM to market you and your products!

Happy writing and picture taking!


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Tuesday Tips: 4 Facebook Tips

Last Monday I talked about marketing with Facebook. Today I thought I would give you 4 ways to utilize Facebook for your marketing needs.

4 Facebook Tips

I utilize Facebook more than most social media outlets. Why? I guess it suits my tastes more. I have friends that LOVE Twitter. I have friends that use Tumbler. (something I haven’t even touched yet.) I like the versatility that Facebook offers and the fact that I can create and invite people to different things and not aggravate everyone on their newsfeed. All this is a plus for me.

Do you use all the features on Facebook?
Have you had a successful event?
What groups do you think are a necessity?
What are your other ideas? I’d love to know what you think!

Happy writing!

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