Getting Ready…

Getting Ready…

There’s been a lot of behind the scenes planning here.

But I also wanted you to know why I have been absent lately.

Life Interrupted…

My husband had been sick for a while. Honestly, he has never truly recovered 100% from his open heart surgery in 2012.

Almost 3 months ago, we all came down with the flu. Tim got sick and progressively got worse. I took him to the er and found out he had to have surgery. There were complications. Two and a half days later, he took his last breath.

He was gone.

These past few months have been hard to say it best. Life will never be normal. I’m trying to piece things back together. To carry on with things we had planned on doing.

Like what is going to happen Monday. 🙂

He was so excited. Just know a lot of planning has gone into this celebration. So while I am excited about this coming week. Please understand why I may not seem to be that way all the time.

So, on a happier note…

The blogs are being written. The tweets are planned out. And I’m hoping you’ll like everything.

Here’s too a grand adventure. Keeping your chin up. And trying to see the good in everything.

Be kind.
Love hard!
Have a grateful heart.
And as my Tim would say… #smilesmilesmile (~);-}

Until next time,



Watch This Spot!

Watch This Spot!

Yep. Right here! I’ve got amazing things about to take over this month. 😀

Make sure to tune in MONDAY!

*tiny tease*

Bring your party hats.

Until next time…


Marketing Monday – NEW Writing Contest… #FicFest


Marketing Monday –
NEW Writing Contest…

There’s a NEW Writing Contest on the horizon. AND this one is for everyone. When I say everyone, I mean… E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E!

Picture Books…

Mid Grade…

Young Adult…


It’s called #FicFest. It’s getting some shout outs across social media.

What is #FicFest?

#FicFest is an online writer’s contest which helps put manuscripts in front of literary agents. This contest, unlike most, is open to manuscripts in ALL genres (including those usually excluded such as Paranormal Romance or Erotica) in the categories of Picture Book, Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult.

#FicFest mentors are structured into fifteen (15) teams. Each category that I listed has three teams. Each team is comprised of a team leader, and two (2) team members. Once the submissions open, each team will choose three (3) finalist manuscripts and one (1) alternate manuscript to advance to the agent round. This means that an equal number of manuscripts for each category will move to the agent round, guaranteeing that one category does NOT overpower another when it comes time for the agents.

45 manuscripts total move to the agent round, with 15 manuscripts being held as alternates in case one of the main finalists drops out of the contest for any reason. This is one of the things we stress in promoting #FicFest because most contests are overrun with Young Adult. In many contests, they may advance 40 manuscripts to the agent round, but the problem lies in the fact that 30 of that 40 are all Young Adult. That won’t happen with #FicFest.

Nine manuscripts from each category will make their appearance in the agent round. No more, no less. NINE each. Let me stress this one more time. In the agent round, you will have 9 Picture Books, 9 Middle Grade, 9 Young Adult, 9 New Adult, and 9 Adult. Everyone gets a fair chance.


Have I got your attention now???

Tiffany Hoffmann is the brains behind this contest. All I can say is… WOW! She is a great leader and I can’t wait to see the entries.  😀  Did I mention I’m a #FicFest PB Mentor!!!!

Keep a look out on her website  and blog  for updates, the AGENT ANNOUNCEMENT, and so much more!

Here are some SAVE THE DATE dates to be on the look out for:

  • March 20, 2016 @ 12:00 PM EST
    Guidelines & Theme Reveal
    (Host Blog)
  • March 27, 2016 @ 7:00 PM EST
    Meet the Team Leads & Their Members!
    (Team Lead Blogs & Host Blog)
  • April 3, 2016 @ 6:00 PM EST
    Agent List Announced
    (Host Blog)
  • April 17, 2016 @ 7:00 PM EST – 10:00 PM EST
    Q & A with Team Leads & Host
    (Twitter – Using #FicFest)
  • April 24, 2016 @ 12:00 AM EST – April 25, 2016 @ 11:59 PM EST
  • April 26, 2016 – May 3, 2016
    Teams will chose their finalists/alternate
  • May 4, 2016 @ 10:00 AM EST
    Finalists/Alternate Reveal
    (Team Leads Blogs)
  • May 5, 2016 – June 30, 2016
  • July 8, 2016 @ 12:00 AM EST – July 14, 2014 @ 11:59 PM EST
    Agent Round

What do you think about #FicFest?
Are YOU planning to enter?
If you are, which category will yours be?

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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Holiday Contest! – Zipping Around on Christmas Eve by Tracey M. Cox

Hi everyone.

Most writers have heard about the world famous Susanna L. Hill’s Holiday Writing Contest. WHAT? You haven’t heard??? Well go HERE to read about the contest. I’ll wait…

Okay, now that you’re all caught up, I have to say I {{{LOVED}}} listening and dancing to this song growing up. I immediately thought of a spin off and started to work. Would you like to read it? You would? Yay!

But wait! Where ARE my manners. Susanna would be so embarrassed about my hostessing duties. Let me offer you some goodies. Smell that? Yes, fresh out of the oven COOKIES! Peanut Butter Cookies w/ M&M Minis.

Didn’t think I would forget the chocolate, did you Susanna?  🙂 And don’t forget to grab a cup of cocoa to wash it down.

Now that I’ve made sure you’ve been properly welcomed, here’s my story for Susanna’s contest.

Are you sure you don’t want another cookie? Or need your cocoa refilled?

Okay, here we go…

Zipping Around on Christmas Eve
Zipping around on Christmas Eve
All over the town square.
People are out, busy bees
In the frosty, cool, crisp air.

People shopping for their gifts
Tied with a pretty bow.
Others are talking merrily.
Children sledding through the snow.

We can grab some cocoa and join
Right on in.
Skaters spinning. Carolers singing.
Charity bells ring-a-linging.

Christmas trees and twinkling lights
Can be seen all down the street.
Snow falling all around,
Crunching under feet.

We can grab some cocoa and join
Right on in.
Skaters spinning. Carolers singing.
Charity bells ring-a-linging.

Zipping around on Christmas Eve
We have to be on our way.
Everyone now dashes off
To beat Santa and his sleigh.

Want to read more stories? Visit THIS POST on Susanna’s blog to see the list to everyone’s holiday posts!

Let me know what you think of my story.
Did it get you in the holly, jolly spirit?
Remind you to enjoy all the winter activities?

Until next time,

Happy Writing!

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Feature Friday: ReviMo with Meg Miller



Here we are… A NEW YEAR!

Do you have a manuscript or a couple or a few or several manuscripts that need some serious revising?
But that feels like work?
You rather play with the shiny NEW idea?

Pish! Posh! Roll up your sleeves and lets let some red ink fly!

I’m challenging you! Yes, YOU! to submit this year. B-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-t you have to get those crappy first drafts into shape! What better way than to participate in a writing challenge?


Meg Miller

Hi, Meg!
Thanks for stopping by ‘a writers blog by Tracey M. Cox’ and sharing your writing challenge! Here are some Q&A Meg and I had the other day and I wanted to share:

Q1: Name of writing challenge?
A: ReviMo 2015

Q2: Do you have a website?

Q3: Date of sign-ups?
A: Last day to sign up 1/11/2015 at 10 pm cst

Q4: Date writing challenge runs?
A: January 11-17, 2015

Q5: Why did you come up with this challenge?
A: In 2013, I had just completed Paula Yoo’s NaPiBoWriWee; I was gearing up to do to Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo; and I’d been writing a rough draft monthly for Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 Challenge. I thought, I need to revise all these (crappy, oh so crappy) stories, *Lightbulb* there should be a revision challenge!! So… after coming up with a name for it, inspired by the other great challenges, I set to planning. And in January 2014, I hosted the first ReviMo with help from inspiring guest bloggers and generous sponsors. There have also been many Pre-ReviMo and Petite ReviMo with great posts from writers.
I had a thought at one point that surely there was no new way to talk about revising, but every time I receive someone’s post I am amazed at how our unique perspectives bring a new and fresh take on revising! Which gives me hope for writing, there are new picture book ideas, you just need a fresh perspective!

Q6: What do you hope people will gain from this challenge?
A: I get writer’s block occasionally and I know it’s because I start taking myself and (add stuffy accent here) *my writing* WAY too seriously. I’d like ReviMo to inspire people to play with revisions. This quote from Anne Lamott captures the thought perfectly: “So go ahead and make big scrawls and mistakes. Use up lots of paper. Perfectionism is a mean, frozen form of idealism, while messes are the artist’s true friend.”

Q7: What else would you like to include?
A: Check out our wonderful guest bloggers for ReviMo 2015:
And not only that, but our lovely sponsors have donated some fabulous prizes:
AND (can this get any better??) if you are a ReviMo participant you are eligible for these special offers:


Thanks Meg!!!
How awesome is that! Not only do you get some of your work closer to submission-ready material, you also have a chance at some amazing prizes. I have already signed up!

Click on the logo above or ~ HERE ~ to sign up for Meg’s ReviMo challenge. You have 2 more days to get in!!!!

Let me know what you think of writing challenges.
Are you going to participate in ReviMo?
What are some challenges you are going to participate in this year?
Are there some you would like to see highlighted here?

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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www. Wednesday… Worse for the Weather Santa – Susanna Leonard Hills Holiday Contest

Writing Contest Info!

Did you know there is a FAB-U-LOUS writing contest going on right now… YES, THIS VERY INSTANT!!!!… over at Susanna Leonard Hill’s Blog???

In short, here’s what the contest is about:
The Contest:  Write a children’s story (children here defined as approximately age 12 and under) in which wild weather impacts the holidays!  Your story may be poetry or prose, silly or serious or sweet, religious or not, based on Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate, but is not to exceed 350 words
BUT, you need to go over to her blog, you can click HERE, to get all the deets AND there is still time to enter!!! And and AND there are awesome prizes too!

Am I entering??? Of Course.  🙂  Here is my entry…


Worse for the Weather Santa

The sun was up and Santa was home.

He looked worse for the weather from where he had roamed.

“USA was the worst,” Santa shook his head as he began.

“The worst of the weather was across that land!

First the Nor’easter came billowing down.

Then the wet, soggy swamp had me sucked into the ground.

The twisters in the mid-west gave me quite a spin.

Then came the howling, blustery upper-mid winds.

I made it through a desert storm of a sandy wall.

Then up and over the snowy mountain tall.

The rain pelted us as we came down our route.

Then turned into fog, thicker than pea soup.

We finished America with an Aloha heat wave.

But I made it through, delivered gifts, Christmas was saved!

So on through the night, away we did fly.

I called, “Merry Christmas to all!” and gave America a kiss good-bye.”


I hope you liked that. Yes, I know it’s in rhyme.  ;p   I tried.  hahaha! So, WHAT are you still here for? There are a bunch of stories over there besides mine. AND you can enter too.

Go. NOW! and good luck!!!!!!

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

Don’t Forget…

I have decided to take the last two weeks off this year. I want to take some time for myself, focus on family, and the true meaning of the season. My last bloggy post will be next Thursday, December 18th.  🙂


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Read!!!Celebrate Picture Books!!!

It’s November and that means it’s Picture Book Month


And it’s Picture Book Ideas Month…



Can you hear me cheering?????? */*  */*  */*

Take time to read a great picture book every day. If you are a writer or illustrator, click on the PiBoIdMo banner above and join Tara Lazar’s month long idea generating adventure. Today is the first day and sign-ups go through this week. So it’s not too late to join.

I’ll be journaling about PiBoIdMo this month and would love to see a few others join me in the adventure.

Let me know what you are going to do to celebrate picture books.

Happy Writing!

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