Tuesday Tips: YouTube hints and tricks

I’ll admit it…

The whole YouTube – Video was intimidating to me. I mean come on! You want me to get in front of a camera and talk. UGH! And what to talk about???? What if I mess up? What if I freeze? What if…? WHAT IF…!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, let’s all feel a little froggy and get to hoppin’.    😉

I went on YouTube and looked at all sorts of videos. Trying to see what worked and what didn’t. Trust me, there are plenty of examples of both.

What should you video?

Sometimes I look up topics and can’t find exactly what I’m looking for.  BINGO… video idea

I started doing my book reviews via video. I thought it would be a great way to let people see a few illustrations and also the size of the books. Also, who doesn’t like talking about books.

Interviews. I did my first with Katie Davis and had such fun! Can’t wait to do another one.

Silly videos, promotional videos, and then you can go more personal. YES, I have puppy videos. hahaha. Why  not videos for  the newlyweds or family reunions? The possibilities are unlimited.

So here’s a tips and hint sheet I worked on to help you on your way of mastering YouTube:

5 YouTube Tricks and Hints

Hope you have found this post helpful!

Let me know what you think.
Do you have a YouTube channel?
What videos do you find beneficial?
What videos would you like to see more of?

Happy Videoing!

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www.Wednesday: KIDLIT411.COM

Are you struggling trying to find information on the internet about children’s writing? Let me direct you to a great resourceful website that is FULL of information:




I spoke with the owners,  Elaine Kiely Kearns &  Sylvia Liu, about the website. It is so full of information and I wanted to give some great highlights. They mention the following interviews:

Good interviews:

Debbie Ridpath Ohi- Author-Illustrator- http://www.kidlit411.com/2014/04/kidlit411-debbie-ohi-author-illustrator.html
Jodell Sadler- Agent- http://www.kidlit411.com/2014/05/Kidlit411-Agent-Spotlight-Jodell-Sadler.html
Drew Daywalt – Author- http://www.kidlit411.com/2014/03/kidlit411-Drew-Daywalt-Author-Spotlight.html


AND here are some of their Most Popular Pages: Most visited

Submissions: Agents & Editors –http://www.kidlit411.com/2014/01/kidlit411-submission-how-to.html
Contests & Awards- http://www.kidlit411.com/2013/12/kidlit411-contest-awards.html
For Writers- http://www.kidlit411.com/2014/01/kidlit411-for-writers.html Picture Books- http://www.kidlit411.com/2014/01/picture-books.html

As you can see not can you find things about agents and editors, and writers and illustrators, but you can find contests, links, and you can learn more about the writing craft, tips, and and … okay, I’m getting tired here. GO! Click on the picture link above to go check out the website!!!



Only 4 more days to sign-up for the SUMMER SPARKS writing challenge!


Let me know what you thought about this website! Are there others you would like seen highlighted here? Do YOU have a resourceful website and would like to be highlighted?

Happy Writing!


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