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This website is one I refer not only to writers and illustrators, but to anyone who has children in their life… parents, grandparents, educators, media specialist, daycare facilities, and on and on I could go.

KidLit TV offers so much to everyone. #StoryMakers, hosted by Rocco Staino highlights authors and illustrators with an interview. #InsideScoop gives us a sneak peek at new books. #FieldTrip will take you on the scene to kidlit events. #ReadOutLoud has authors and illustrators reading their books. There is also the KidLitRADIO podcast that you can listen too. Not to mention arts, crafts, recipes… Need I say more?

Then add to that, their Facebook group page where you can interact with all involved. *bonus*

WHAT is KidLit TV?

We are a diverse group of parents, educators, librarians, kid lit creators, and award winning filmmakers all working together to bring great books to kids! Our mission is to create fun new ways to reinforce an appreciation of reading that children will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

The diverse KidLit TV team supports the ‘We Need Diverse Books’ and ‘Multicultural Children’s Book Day’ initiatives by encouraging the children’s literature community to create more books that reflect the diversity of our society.

Award winning website!

Unknown   Feedspot Top 100


#KidLitTV Supports Literacy!



and watch the video.

#KidLitOnEllenShow is a great campaign that KidLit TV is behind. Why? Because kidlit matters!!! The ALAYMA (American Library Association Youth Media Awards) is our Oscars and used to be featured on national television, but no longer does. We know that The Ellen Show not only knows how to have a good time, but they also feature things that matter and are great about putting important topics out into the world.

Did you watch the video yet? Not only are the KidLit TV Team Members on board with this campaign, but many other people involved in the kidlit community are as well. Did you see some of your favorites in the video? I know I did.

Would you like to help spread the word? Maybe get Ellen Degeneres’ attention?!!!!!!!!? See THIS BLOG POST and you’ll find a link to make a suggestion to The Ellen Show. AND if you are on Twitter, you can RETWEET THIS POST!

KidLit TV also supports…

Multicultural Children’s Book Day!

Click on the picture to find out about this event that KidLit TV is a silver sponsor on.

Check  Out KidLit TV:

Visit their WEBSITE and see what all KidLit TV has to offer!

You can also find KidLit TV on:   YouTube   /   Facebook   /   Twitter   /   Pinterest   /   Instagram   /   kidlit.tv/newsletter


Have you looked at the KidLit TV website?
Are you a member of their Facebook group?
What other websites would you like to see featured here?

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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Thinking Thursday – Writing/Illustrating Groups


Writing / Illustrating Groups

Why is it important to join groups?   I’ve heard a lot of people ask this. They are worried about ideas being stolen, techniques being copied, among other things. Honestly, I know of one person who has had this problem. ONE in fifteen years!

The benefits far outweigh the fears. In writing and illustrating groups I have found a tribe like no other. They get “me”!!! They know the struggles. The triumphs. The self-doubt. The isolation. The fear of rejection. The Snoopy Dancing of acceptance. EVERYTHING! They know ‘me’ and they know ‘you’ too. We all go through these things.

I’ve been able to share techniques, learn about workshops, books, conferences, all to help me better myself.

I’ve been able to help those who don’t have as much experience as me too. Although I feel as if I’m a newbie at things too. I have never stopped learning about my craft.

They are there to listen to your whine and offer the perfect cheese to go with it.   😀   <big, cheesy grin>

They are my support group, my cheerleaders, my friends.

You can find groups through email and social media. Here are a few I have found invaluable on Facebook:

There are so many more on Facebook. Just search for what you are looking for!

One forum I tell EVERYONE to check out is:

There are so many out there, but those are a few of my favorites.

Get out and mingle. You are sure to find great people and friends who know your heart.


Let me know what groups you have found beneficial?
What other ways do you have to mingle?
Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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