AVON – The Face Shop!

Hello all.

A lot of people say…

A new year…
A new you!

But I beg to differ! You are a beautiful just the way you are!

What I hope to do is give you the opportunity to highlight that beautiful and bring the shine up full-dial.

What better way than to start with the foundation of your make up? AVON has partnered up with a Korean beauty product call, The Faceshop. And to be totally honest, I am completely blown away with this line!

Let’s go back a few months…

In October I was looking for some higher quality foundation. Don’t get me wrong. I really like my normal AVON foundation, but it wasn’t giving me the “WOW” factor I was wanting. See, my son was getting married in November, and being Mother-Of-The-Groom, I wanted to look my part. Not to mention I was helping with the wedding… planning, decorating, food, and on and on. So I didn’t want to look like a hot mess. Hahahahahaha.

So I started looking around. *gasp* I know. I know. HOW DARE I?!? But I wanted the full coverage, stay on all day, I don’t care what you are doing, you look GOOD girl foundation that some of the other brands have.

That’s when AVON announced that they were pairing up with The FaceShop, a Korean makeup brand. *And a choir of angels SANG!*

You guessed it. I put my order in as soon as I could and…
I could not be more happier with the result! But don’t take my word for it!!! Check out a few videos I have on my YouTube channel showing you the primer and the liquid foundation:



Needless to say, I have been using The FaceShop ever since!

I plan on adding more videos of the different FaceShop products I have been using. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll show you a side by side comparison video. Well, see.

Let me know what you think. What other products would you like to see me feature.

Until next time…

Be beautious!


AVON – Applicator/Blender

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed how some people’s make-up looks flawless. The beauty of it amazes me. I know most don’t actually DO their own make-up, but still… someone does!

Make Up Artists have all sorts of different tools they use to apply make-up to their models. One thing they use is an Applicator/Blender. Now these ARE NOT the blenders from the 80s! Do you remember those?!!!? You know, those little white triangle. UGH! They soaked up more product than they put on your face!

So here I am… AVON Lady… with a blender available. So I decided to give it a try. Check out my review video:

The Deets From AVON:

Avon Pro Flawless Makeup Applicator

A flawless finish! The Avon Pro Flawless Makeup Applicator features soft, suede-like texture which blends makeup seamlessly for a flawless finish. The unique shape helps eliminate visible lines and streaks.

• Wide, rounded area for overall face coverage and bendability
• Pointed end for hard to reach or delicate areas, such as under eyes, or near nose and mouth
• Can be used for foundation, blush, powder, etc.
• Non-Latex PU
• 2 1/8″ X 1 1/4″

• Prior to application, dampen Avon Pro Flawless Makeup Applicator with water and remove the excess. This prevents foundation from being absorbed into sponge
• Dip the Avon Pro Flawless Makeup Applicator into your fave Avon liquid or cream foundation
• Gently tap on face in a stippling motion

If you would like to purchase your own applicator/blender, please feel free to purchase from my online store. Let me know if you have any questions.

Until next time…

Be beautious!


AVON – Mattitude Review

Mattitude Review

Avon Mattitude Liquid Lipstick

***sorry for the late posting today. bad weather last night, lost electricity, so I couldn’t load and format my post for today. but here it is!***

:::Here’s the official deets from AVON:::

Zero gravity. Infinite color. Meet Mattitude, our soft matte liquid lip that comfortably coats your pout with a weightless wash of high-impact, super-saturated color. Instantly command attention when rocking any of the 8 long-lasting shades that leave a velvety soft finish and a powerful impression. .14 fl. oz.

• Featherlight, non-drying formula that lasts for hours
• Micronized pigments release rich, vivid color on impact
• Poppy seed oil and vitamin E nourish and smooth lips 
• Paraben-, sulfate- and phthalate-free 

Smooth over lips with the doe foot. Show off your Mattitude with or without lip liner.

Now… Honestly, what do I think about it?

Don’t forget to let me know if you’ve tried Mattitude! What did you think? Which one is your favorite colour? Haven’t tried Mattitude, but now you want to? Check out my online store!

Be Beautious!