Thinking Thursday – Inspiring


I am very honored to have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by three amazing bloggers themselves: Sue Leopold, Donna McDine, and Cat Michaels.

Part of being nominated was to reveal 7 things about myself and to nominate others…

7 Things About Me:

  1. I’m short. 5’2″ to be exact. Yes, I have to use a step ladder or climb onto the counter to reach things on the top shelf at my house.
  2. I love to sing. If you read my One Lovely Blog Award post, you know I can yodel, but I love to sing too. My grandfather use to record himself playing the steel guitar. In the background, you could hear a little girl signing along. Yep, that was me.  🙂
  3. I was a tomboy. I loved to play in the dirt and football. Still do.  🙂
  4. I never want to grow up. Getting old stinks. Seriously!
  5. I like cold weather, but not FREEZING cold.
  6. Spring is my favorite time of the year. Everything is beginning or renewing… and it’s still cool.
  7. I grew up as an only child, but I have 10 siblings, 5 brothers and 5 sisters to be exact.  I lived with my mom and grandparents and didn’t have a sister from my mom until I was almost 12. I didn’t know my dad’s side until I was 25 and found out I had six other siblings. Can you say the best of both worlds?  🙂

There are so many inspirational bloggers out there that have been nominated. If I nominate you again, feel free to pass AND it is not mandatory that you participate either.

  • Katie Davis –  blog and  podcast
  • Julie Gribble’s New York Media Works blog

These two are full of so much information and inspire me to be a better writer and promoter.

Hope you enjoyed!


Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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