Thinking Thursday: SUMMER SPARKS writing challenge

Summer Sparks

Hello people!

WHAT is Summer Sparks? Well, I’ll get to that in a little bit. First I want you to know that I know how hard coming up with ideas can be. To help me out I have participated in a a few writing challenges:

Shannon Abercrombie’s: START THE YEAR OFF WRITE


Tara Lazar’s: PIBOIDMO

THEN I like to participate in several writing challenges…

Julie Hedlund’s: 12×12



That being said, I still find myself stalling out mid-year.  *waaaaaaaaah*


I don’t know. Maybe it’s the nice weather? Maybe it’s the kids being out of school? The gardening needing weeding and planting and harvesting? Vacation to be taken? There are SO MANY things it could be. Sometimes it my ideas didn’t pan out. Sometimes I’m in a rut and need a good kick to get going again. SOOOOOOOOOO….

Summer Sparks

Is a brain child of mine. I will be hosting this writing challenge *YIKES!* during the first two weeks of Summer!
Here is the run down:

  • SIGN-UP: will go from June 1-15. I will blog a sign-up post on JUNE 1st. YOU MUST COMMENT ON THIS BLOG TO BE INCLUDED IN THE PRIZES AT THE END OF THE CHALLENGE.
  • SUMMER SPARKS: June 21-July4 will be the run-time of the challenge. You will have until July 11th to catch up on challenge. (because I know some of us will be busy during the holiday)
  • BLOG POSTS: Each day a guest blogger will talk about the different challenges and/or aspects of being a picture book writer. They will also give you a ‘spark’ of a writing prompt to give you an idea for a story.
  • PRIZES: Some bloggers will be giving away prizes. You will have to follow each day and participate the whole two weeks to be eligible.
  • ACCOMPLISHMENT: What I hope this will give you all is at least 14 sparks for new stories.


  1. Kelly Halls
  2. Alison Hertz
  3. Alyane Christian
  4. Corey Schwartz
  5. Julie Gribble
  6. Jodi Moore
  7. Susanna Hill
  8. Tara Lazar
  9. Tracey M. Cox
  10. Kristi Call
  11. Donna Earnhardt
  12. Donna M. McDine
  13. Kris Dinnison
  14. Carol Ekster
  15. Claire Murphy (BONUS Blogger)

To find out more information go to :  . You will find pictures and links to each blogger. Hope to see you all there.

Have fun writing!!!