REBLOG: Butt in Chair without an Aching Back


Butt in Chair without an Aching Back

“This week is our Third Blogiversary! That’s three years of “butt in chair” commitment to writing, illustrating, blogging, and all the other activities that keep us at the computer. At the Maycritique group meeting, one member’s comment about writing and back pain sparked a lively discussion about what we’ve tried, and especially what’s worked, to treat and prevent the aches and pains of writing. As our Blogiversary gift to you for 2016, we share our favorite solutions. Maybe one will help YOU keep butt-in-chair without hurting your back.”

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REBLOG: The Kidlit Conference Curse: FOMO


The Kidlit Conference Curse: FOMO

“Before I recap the SCBWI conferences I’ve attended the last two months, there’s a pressing topic that requires outing…a little quirk I have witnessed at every kidlit conference from the dawn of time (or, in my case, since 2008).


Maybe you don’t have a teen in your household and you’re shrugging right now. What the heck is FOMO?

Well, let’s describe the scene.”

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REBLOG: 10 Books to Beat the Summer Slide


10 Books to Beat the Summer Slide

“The summer is officially here! Now is the time to share a few summer themed books with your favorite young reader. Reading throughout the summer helps children retain what they’ve learned in school and boosts their ability to succeed in the next grade. Here is a list of children’s books that will help kids beat the summer slide. You may know some of these titles and others may be new to you.”


REBLOG: 5 Common Mistakes That Even Longtime Bloggers Make


5 Common Mistakes That Even Longtime Bloggers Make

“Several times per month, I consult with authors looking for an evaluation of their online presence and often that includes their blog content. Sometimes they’re wondering why they don’t have more traffic, or they ask if they should continue the effort at all.

Given the time and energy that’s involved in meaningful blogging, it’s an important question. Here are five things that I often discover when I evaluate authors’ blogging efforts.”

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