Monday Marketing: INSTAGRAM *smile*





Who likes to take photos? I think we all do and most of us have phones that actually double as a camera. With a handy dandy tool at your finger tips, why not make it work for you and do some marketing?
Yep, I said marketing on Instagram.


Take pictures -Lots of Pictures- use your phone or tablet. There is an app you can download and then connect with right on your device. I love the efficiency of being able to take and share my photos. It doesn’t matter if you are doing this for your family or your fans. People like to be in each others business. YOU might as well put the business you want out there. Who knows? Maybe you get a few new fans to follow you and maybe some loyal customers too.


The pen may be mightier than the sword, but a picture is worth a thousand words! You can show people exactly what you are talking about. A cake? A piece of jewelry? A book? SHOW THEM IN A PICTURE!


So you are thinking… WHO will be interested in what I have to offer. YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED! Seriously. Remember those hashtags I talked about when using Twitter? WELL GUESS WHAT! You can use them on Instagram too. HECK, you can connect your Instagram with Twitter! I DO THIS!!!! It gives you great coverage with two social media outlets. I have my Instagram connected with Facebook too. The hashtags can be searched and connected with others who have used them, very convenient. So you get a gathering of people without even knowing them. Some will wind up following you to see what you post next.


What to post? Well that depends. Do you want to keep it business? What do you do? I write. So I might take a picture of my laptop on my desk, at my dining room table, in my back yard, at the beach (snort, I wish), or where ever I might be. I can post pictures of cover art, book signings, author visits, boxes when my books arrive, are you getting the picture here?  🙂  Be creative with your pictures too, have fun.
I also post pictures of my dogs, children, scenes, and anything that interests me.  *yes, the giant whoopie cushion got my attention!* I don’t have my account focus only on my business. I think people like to see that I enjoy things and I’m not out there ONLY promoting my book. They get a sense of a real person.

So go out. Take some pictures. Take a selfie. Do a silly face. Just remember….


Til next time,

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