Thinking Thursday – Book Reviews (#PBReview)


Thinking Thursday – Book Reviews

Book Reviews…. How do authors, illustrators, agents, and editors love you? Let us count the ways.

Yes, WE BOOK REVIEWS! <– Yes, I just shouted that.  😀   Because we do!!!

It’s like a High-5!

Or a warm, fuzzy hug!

clapping-hands-mdOr a stand “O”!

Now seriously, tell me WHO doesn’t like that???!!!???

As you know, The Children at the Playground has been released into the wild. I’m excited, because a few reviews have begun to come in. Click on the links and see what people are saying about my book:

Reviews help get books noticed. Here is a graphic I found to show you about how book reviews can influence Amazon:



Have you read any good books?
Do you post reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, on a blog?
Do you post your reviews on other social media like Twitter and Facebook?
Do you let the author, illustrator, or publisher know about your review?

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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#summersparks Thursday Thinking: 9 Ways to Tighten Your Story


9 Ways to Tighten Your Story


Donna Earnhardt wrote a terrific post, Burning Down the House, that covered how reading out loud helps to revise. Then, saputnam had a great comment about how she color-codes her submissions, and that reminded me of another way to revise. Then that got me to thinking of other ways to revise. That lead me to thinking, just how !any ways are there to revise. Here’s my list:

  • Read out loud (thanks Donna)
    This not only gets your brain working, but your ears as well. You will stutter and stumble over words and phrases that are out of place and don’t belong.
  • Read backwards (thanks again Donna)
    This will help see gaps in your plot, where you need to rearrange or add to build the right sequence.
  • Read to an audience (Donna is the bomb)
    This is where you can see how people react. Did they laugh? Was there an Ah-ha! moment.
  • Observe a reading.
    Here’s where you combine watching you audience reactions with listening to the story to see of things are off, Make notes. Don’t have a reader? Record yourself and play it back.
  • Highlight your text.
    Use different colors for dialog, action, passive texts. This will give you a color-coded visual of your story.
  • Cut up text and place in a storyboard.
    This will show pacing. you can see where there are holes and where text !at be too heavy.
  • Draw it out. (thanks Alison)
    You can also use doodles of your text to make sure your story is moving forward and hasn’t stalled out. In picture books, every word counts!
  • Draw a story arc. (thanks Alayne)
    This is also called ‘The W Factor’ or ‘The Heartbeat of the Story’ and shows pacing well too. Here you go up and down determined by the conflicts and resolutions -aka Cause and Effect– of your story.
  • Read, read, read.
    Yes read your story, parts of your story, and then read it some more. Make it flow effortlessly!
  • Set it aside.
    How is this revision?Think of wine, if you taste it right away, sure it will be good, but if you put it away. Don’t open it. The body develops. When you taste it again, there will be notes that highlight the flavor. The body will be fuller. It will be like tasting it for the first time. The same can happen with your story. You will have separated yourself from the text and can see it with fresh eyes. Mistakes will pop out. Things will make you smile. You will get the goosies when you read THE LINE.

So what are some of the ways you revise? Do you have a routine that is different from those listed?

:::Leave a comment:::
Let me know how you tighten a story.


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