Toe Socks & Tall Tales


Toe Socks & Tall Tales

I read an article the other day about People Who Wear Crazy Socks and couldn’t help but smile. See, I myself am prone to wear a crazy sock… almost everyday. Now there are days when I will put on the usual white, brown, or black sock. BUT most days you’ll see me sporting stripes, dogs, monkeys, holiday theme, or who knows what. *hahaha*

The article (you read it, right?) suggest those of us who wear crazy socks tend to be more successful. Could that be that we aren’t afraid to try? To be different? To march to our own beat? I like to think that it’s the creativity part of me coming out. That although I may be adulting on the outside, there is a part of me (the real me) waiting to bust out to run around and jump on the swings and have fun.  😀  *Please tell me you are not surprised by this?!!!*

Maybe it’s that splash of color that helps us smile, gives us a boost, reminds us that things can be silly and yet serious at the same time. Maybe we need to ground ourselves with work, but we strive to be free-spirited. Maybe we just wanna have fu-un!

Now I wonder how many other writers and illustrators out there wear crazy socks? Hmm? How many of you???

I really want to know! Do you wear crazy socks?
What do you do/think when you someone else with crazy socks on?

Enjoy the little things, peeps! Wear crazy socks!

Until next time…

Happy Writing!

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Thinking Thursday… Think Happy Thoughts

Any happy thought?

Yep… that and faith and trust and a little dust…er, elbow grease.  😉

Do you have a dream?

Writing, drawing, cooking, photography, being a great mom…

Well all you have to do is have FAITH. Get a plan together. Make short-term goals to meet your long-term goal. What are the steps you have to take to achieve each short-term goal. Do they all build on each other to reach your long-term goal?
Take classes, practicing, meeting others in your field, trying different mediums… these are just a few things you can do to begin your journey.

Then there is TRUST. Take that first step. Join organizations, groups, communities. All these will not only give you knowledge, but will also give you support in what you are trying to accomplish. Trust is a lot. It is hart. It is worth it!

Don’t forget the DUST! Get in there and get involved. Time to roll up the sleeve and put your back into it. Trial and error DOES NOT mean you fail. It means you are trying. I rather have a million fails, then to look back and wished I had tried.

What are your happy thoughts? Those things that make you want to spread your wings and soar.

Mine? Well it has actually changed over time. To begin with… I wanted to write well.
Once I really dove into it, my plans changed. I wanted to become a published author.
Now? I want to be able to call writing my full-time career.

Let me know what your happy thought is. Or what you are doing to achieve your goal.

Good luck and YOU CAN FLY!

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