Thinking Thursday: Storyboarding

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When I write a picture book the one thing I make sure of is page breaks. Are there enough? Page breaks can be scene changes or a climatic pause in the story. Think page turners. What will make the reader excited about turning to the next spread?

One way to make sure I’m covering the basics is I will map out a story. Or STORYBOARD it. This is where I will take chunks of text and begin to pace the story over pages.  Here are several ways I storyboard.

  1. I usually start on a piece of paper.

    Picture A

    I will create small thumbnails of my story as I go along. Each time I come to a break I’ll go to the next block. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw a lick, this technique will help you visualize your story.
    I usually use this piece of paper once. When I have another story ready, I will follow the same format as Picture A.

  2. I also work a presentation board.

    Picture B

    Think of this as thumbnails on steroids. I create a bigger version of my thumbnail and I will also cut up my manuscript and put the words with the pictures they belong to. This will help me see if my pictures match the pacing of my story.
    I mark up the board with the same format as Picture A. Then I use post-it notes for my pictures and words. By doing this, I can reuse this board over and over again.

  3. I have made a small book too.
    Picture C

    Picture C

    Once I have my story where I like it I do the ultimate storyboarding. I create a book! What better way to experience your story??? This is the best test to page turns, story climaxes, and scenery changes. You will see the flow and pacing as a read will.

Now it’s your turn.

Pick up your current ms that is ready to go. Begin to storyboard. See where your breaks fall.

I know for me, I usually have a revision of two to do to make sure the pacing matches the page turns.

Happy Writing!

Until next time,


What do you think of this post?
Do you storyboard?
Do you use these techniques? Have any different ones you would like to share?
Post your storyboard on Twitter or Facebook and tag me in it! I would love to see what you are doing.


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