Today I like to be inspired by a man. I also like to be encouraged. He wanted people to be equal. He also wanted us to remember the past… to learn from it, remember it, not repeat it.

I think in the society we are currently living in, Dr. King’s words should speak out in volumes. No, let’s make that SCREAM out in full-volume. Show love people. Be love. Even when someone does wrong to you. Remember what they did, don’t allow them to repeat it, but let them know you have love in your heart.

I wish you all well today… and tomorrow.

Until next time…

Best wishes,


AVON – The Face Shop!

Hello all.

A lot of people say…

A new year…
A new you!

But I beg to differ! You are a beautiful just the way you are!

What I hope to do is give you the opportunity to highlight that beautiful and bring the shine up full-dial.

What better way than to start with the foundation of your make up? AVON has partnered up with a Korean beauty product call, The Faceshop. And to be totally honest, I am completely blown away with this line!

Let’s go back a few months…

In October I was looking for some higher quality foundation. Don’t get me wrong. I really like my normal AVON foundation, but it wasn’t giving me the “WOW” factor I was wanting. See, my son was getting married in November, and being Mother-Of-The-Groom, I wanted to look my part. Not to mention I was helping with the wedding… planning, decorating, food, and on and on. So I didn’t want to look like a hot mess. Hahahahahaha.

So I started looking around. *gasp* I know. I know. HOW DARE I?!? But I wanted the full coverage, stay on all day, I don’t care what you are doing, you look GOOD girl foundation that some of the other brands have.

That’s when AVON announced that they were pairing up with The FaceShop, a Korean makeup brand. *And a choir of angels SANG!*

You guessed it. I put my order in as soon as I could and…
I could not be more happier with the result! But don’t take my word for it!!! Check out a few videos I have on my YouTube channel showing you the primer and the liquid foundation:



Needless to say, I have been using The FaceShop ever since!

I plan on adding more videos of the different FaceShop products I have been using. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll show you a side by side comparison video. Well, see.

Let me know what you think. What other products would you like to see me feature.

Until next time…

Be beautious!


Starting Off On The Right Foot

Starting Off On The Right Foot

It’s a new year!!!!

I like to start off the new year reevaluating what I’m doing. What are there things I like? What don’t I do anymore? Have I added anything over the past year? Do I need to revise my media cards? Does my website need to be revamped? Is everything up to date?

On and on the questions could go.

So my marketing tip for today is to see where you are with what you are already doing? What do you need to do? If you are starting out, see what you need to do. Look around and see how others share their projects and services.

One thing I have learned is there isn’t ONE certain thing everyone needs to do to be successful. Everyone has their own “thing” to offer. See what that can be and talk about your strengths.

Let me know what are some of the things you would like to do in 2020 to bring your work into focus.

Until next time…

Happy marketing!


Happy 2020!

Happy New Year everyone!

So it’s a new day, a new year, a new decade! I can honestly say I’m glad to see 2019 go. Last year taught me many things, whether I wanted it to or not. One thing I have learned though is how to keep moving forward.

Check out my video where I give my thoughts on this past year and the one we are stepping into.

I wish you all a good 2020!

Until next time…